We provide technical solutions for the removal of tramp metal. Magnetic separators such as over-belt and over-pulley magnets STEINERT OHSM ensure reliable tramp iron removal from coal conveyors in coal plants. STEINERT ‘Boomerang’ overhead suspension magnets are used to remove ferrous tramp metal from bulk materials, at ship loading facilities located at key export terminals on Australia’s eastern seaboard. The coal from the surrounding mine sites is delivered by train to these sites where the requirement for high powered, deep and wide field magnets is paramount for efficient and effective tramp iron removal.

The STEINERT WDS (magnetic wet drum separators) are designed for efficient recovery of magnetite and ferrosilicon powder for dense media separation processes used in traditional coal wash plants.

For dry coal separation we offer the STEINERT XSS T sorting system using the Dual-Energy X-Ray sensor system. No water is required for this process which improves the coal‘s ash content and removes harmful sulphur. Modular XRT dry sorting plants are easily installed remotely close to the coal mine pit as a satellite operation which will ensure significant savings on water consumption and transport.