Resource Recovery, Mineral Separation, Sensor & Waste Sorting Solutions in Australia

We build and install machinery that efficiently sorts valuable metals and mineral resources from waste matter.

Steinert is one of the world's leading manufacturers of resource recovery equipment, serving the mining and recycling industries from offices based in Australia, Brazil, the USA and Germany.

Steinert Australia's main focus is on mineral and ore sorting solutions for the nation's thriving mining industry. We supply and maintain separation, sensor and sorting equipment, enabling state-of-the-art resource recovery. Steinert equipment, which includes waste sorting technology, is extremely efficient and reliable as well as durable, achieving high material yields, mineral purity and excellent levels of equipment protection. Steinert Australia is also involved in international mining and recycling projects.

Here we'll take a more detailed look at how Steinert equipment can help your business. We're always happy to discuss new projects; please contact your nearest office if you require any further information.

Mineral and ore recovery from waste mining material: High yield, high mineral purity in mineral and ore recovery operations from mining waste.

Our experience in Australian mining solutions is unrivalled. We can assist you in achieving high yield mineral recovery with equipment such as the Steinert XSS T x-ray transmission sensor, which automates the sorting of mixed material using its ability to determine densities. We are the leading supplier to the country's coal mining, mineral recovery and ore sorting solutions, our "Boomerang" suspension magnets and a range of sophisticated sensor sorting equipment are in wide use and are unparalleled in their efficiency.

Dry Media Magnetic Separation with suspension magnets and Magnetic Drum Separation.

Steinert high gradient magnetic filters are used in thousands of settings, with many applications including the removal of tramp iron, which protects equipment effectively while decontaminating product; and recovery of ferrous material for recycling.

Choose from permanent magnets or oil-cooled/air-cooled electromagnets, self-cleaning or manual cleaning. Steinert MT magnetic drums are either underbelt or overbelt format, offering a high yield of clean ferrous product with excellent equipment protection results.

Recover minerals from mining waste with Wet Drum Magnetic Separation equipment.

Our new WDS (Wet Drum Separator) systems have advanced magnet technology giving a 120% increase in average magnetic force. Magnetite and ferrosilicon recovery now approaches 100% efficiency, and the machinery is now more user friendly than ever before.

Eddy Current Separation equipment, sorting non-ferrous metals into clean concentrate.

Steinert's NES Eddy Current Separator is a reliable, durable, high yield non-ferrous metal separator, with applications in a number of areas including processing of shredder material and refuse. The NES 4T, with an operating speed of up to 4,000 rpm, can increase efficiency by up to 30% in comparison with 2,600 rpm equipment.

Efficient X-Ray Transmission Sensor Equipment, for mineral recovery from mining and solid municipal waste.

The XSS is an extremely versatile sensor sorting machine which has applications in waste sorting as well as narrow vein mining. XSS T technology can separate light from heavy metals, as well as wood from stone and PVC from plastics, by determining differing densities. XSS F uses fluorescence to "read" materials by their surfaces.

Mobile Sorting Mining Plant solutions for dry media separation.

Steinert supplies highly sensitive, mobile modular recovery systems for use anywhere there's a power point and some flat ground. We can transport these systems either by sea or road.

Combined X-Ray Sensing, near Infra-Red and Induction sorting for Mobile Mining Plant solutions.

Steinert machinery, including our mobile solutions, offers the Australian mining and waste recovery industries highly advanced sensor technology, which can include a combination of Near Infra-Red(NIR), Induction and X-Ray equipment.

Mobile High Grade Magnetic Separators.

The ISS Induction Separation System can be supplied as a mobile unit, allowing the combination of standalone machinery to create an extremely durable and efficient mobile processing plant. The ISS can offer a purity rate of better than 90%, representing a doubling of efficiency over manual sorting.

Separation, sensing and sorting minerals and ores for industrial mining operations in Australia.

Steinert offers a broad range of techniques for the mineral and ore mining industry in Australia, including Suspension Magnets, X-Ray sensors, and Induction Separation as well as the WDS Wet Drum Separator.

Depending on conditions, the WDS throughput figure can reach 150 m3/h*m.

Dry Media Separation techniques and Wet Drum Magnetic Separation.

The ability to separate multiple commodities in a single process is the goal of Steinert's Dry Media Separation equipment, allowing businesses to increase metals revenue and increase the range of products offered in Australia. We have also been supplying Wet Drum systems for decades, and are constantly developing our range in response to industry needs.

Primary separation technology with Suspension Magnets.

Our Suspension Magnets are widely used in the Australian resource recovery sector as well as the mining industry.

Scrap metal and waste operations benefit from the decontamination and protection offered by our recycling separators, working at belt widths of up to 3000mm and heights of up to 900mm. Our dense coil design offers exceptionally efficient cooling.

Separating iron and ores from sand and dust using High Grade Magnetic Separators.

Steinert's HGS High Grade Magnetic Separator is widely used in industrial mineral processing, having the ability to sort material with grain sizes from 0.2 to 2mm. Neodymium iron boron magnets are powerful enough to sort minerals with weak magnetic properties. The HGS also has applications in the salt processing and building materials sectors.

X-Ray Sensing and Induction Sorting.

Induction Sorting with the ISS allows recovery of material such as stainless steel which escapes magnetic and eddy current processes. XSS X-Ray sensing equipment works with metals, organics and plastics with grain sizes between 10 and 200mm.

Full Separation Plant and Mobile Sorting Plant solutions

The challenges for the recycling industry in the years ahead include more efficient extraction of high quality material, particularly in response to demands from aluminium sheet producers worldwide. Our mobile units include Mining Plant and Resource Recovery Plant.

Combined X-Ray Sensing, Near Infra-Red and Induction sorting.

Recycling and resource recovery businesses benefit from Steinert's highly advanced sensor equipment, including NIR, X-Ray sorting and Induction systems.

Mobile High Grade Magnetic Separators.

Steinert's Mobile series includes combinations that add up to a durable, reliable mobile processing plant. The ISS Induction Separation System is one of the most widely used and efficient metal separation solutions and is available in mobile format.

Mobile Induction and Eddy Current Separation equipment.

Eddy Current Separation is used to combine non ferrous metal separation equipment techniques with the recovery of non-metallic material. The Steinert NES Eddy Current Separator can deal with a grain size of 1-200mm, and offers a throughput of 40m3/h*m (* depending on the respective conditions). Both the NES and the ISS Induction systems are available in mobile format, making them flexible, modular, plug-and-play solutions.

Contact your nearest Steinert Australia office today for further information, or to discuss individual project requirements.

STEINERT sorting technology is not static. We are committed to offering excellent innovative solutions for both start-ups and multinational companies, right from product manufacturing to installation, save post-installation solutions. Let us collaborate with you to help you in achieving optimal output from your recycling, recovery and separation processes and considerably increase your company bottom line.

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