How STEINERT Australia came to be…

18 February 2015

STEINERT Australia was the joining of two well-known magnetic separation companies a world apart from each other - Sturton Gill Engineering in Australia and STEINERT Elektromagnetbau in Germany...

The Australian company start up - Sturton Gill Engineering

Founded in 1968 by Peter and Joan Sturton-Gill in Australia. Sturton-Gill Engineering was known for its complete range of magnetic products primarily to the coal mining industry.  These included overhead suspension magnets, pulleys and magnetic drums.  They also were the first to introduce the armor clad ‘Durabelt’ (still used on STEINERT magnets to this day). They had experience through Dings Magnetics due to Sturton-Gill licensing agreement (retired 2004).

Mining application experience was always the strength of this Australian company, which is what caught the eye of another magnetics manufacturer on the other side of the world wishing to add a mining technical centre to their product mix, introducing…

The German company start up - STEINERT Elektromagnetbau GmbH

Founded in 1889 in Cologne, Germany, STEINERT Elektromagnetbau GmbH was a manufacturer of magnetic separation equipment.  Established as a family company – there are documents dating back more than 100 years testifying to the early pioneering achievements of Ferdinand Steinert, the company's founder.

In 1931 the Buchholz family took ownership when Julius Christian Buchholz acquired the "Ferdinand STEINERT Elektromagnetische Aufbereitungsanlagen" company. The Buchholz family are still the proud owners in 2015.

STEINERT really have been a pioneer in recovery solutions from the very beginning - constantly inventing, researching and developing in the pursuit of being a global leader in separation and sorting technologies. To see how STEINERT has developed and celebrated its milestone 125 years go to:-


The official joining of 2 great companies - STEINERT Sturton-Gill Magnetics Pty Ltd

STEINERT acquired the operations of the Sturton-Gill company in Australia in 2004 marking an important step towards establishing a worldwide customer network as STEINERT Sturton-Gill Magnetics (SSGM).

Continuous research and development of existing products as well as the introduction of new innovative products became the strength of the company and SSGM was the hub for all mining applications within the STEINERT Group.

SSGM’s vision was to be recognised as the preferred supplier of separation equipment in the mining and recycling industries:-

  • To bring the best technical solution and services to our world-wide customers
  • To hold strong values in business and fully respect our customers, associates, manufacturers and community
  • To be an employer of choice, fostering a culture that values dedication, respect, and continuous improvement
  • To offer the highest ethical standards
  • To anticipate changes and alternative ideas, help our customers to benefit from the many opportunities that continue to arise and creating innovative new ideas in these industries in response to the market needs.

In 2009 it was decided to drop the SSGM tag. Under the new name - STEINERT Australia Pty Ltd – staying true to the same principles as above, we became one of the leading magnet manufacturers and suppliers of sensor sorting in the Asian-Pacific region, supplying both the growing recycling industry and the booming mining industry….SSGM became,


STEINERT Australia Pty Ltd

It was in 2009 that STEINERT officially launched its x-ray sorting capabilities into the mining, waste and recycling markets. In the new millennium, machines such as induction sorting systems, colour sorting systems, x-ray sorting systems, (and combinations of these sorters) are now beginning to be recognised as future solutions for the economic success of various industries recovering important resources. To find out more about solutions and products we offer today go to


STEINERT is global today…wherever you are in the world!

Australia, Europe, Japan, South America, North America, South Africa, and South East Asia…STEINERT offers a reliable and extensive product range for magnetic separation and sensor sorting solutions for the recovery in various industry applications. Discover more on the STEINERT Group and go to