: Perth WA, Australia

NEWSFLASH : STEINERT to showcase recent developments.

STEINERT to showcase the most recent developments and improvements to their Mining solutions including Mobile and Modular range at the AusIMM Mill Operators Conference in Oct 2017

AusIMM Mill Operators` Conference 2017 - Measure, Manage, Improve

, Perth Australia

The AusIMM Mill Operators' Conference is for all those Managers, operational technical staff, supervisors, engineers, advisors, researchers, consultants and students with a professional interest in mining, mineral and ore extraction, processing and extractive metallurgy industries.

Where and when for the AusIMM Mill Operators` conference.

The AusIMM Mill Operators' Conference will provide the opportunity for plant operators, metallurgists, engineers and operational staff to learn, share and network with others in the minerals industry.

Following on from the highly successful Townsville event which attracted nearly 400 industry professionals, the AusIMM Mill Operators' Conference 2017 hopes to see you there.

Leading industry experts offer advice, experience and knowledge at the Mill Operators’ conference 2017

All those taking part in the Mill Operators` conference are dedicated professionals from all areas and disciplines of the mineral and extractive metallurgy processing industry. Skilled plant operators come together to share a practical knowledge acquired enhancing operations across mineral processing plants and extractive metallurgical processing to discuss process control and the associated environmental issues.

Network with industry manufacturers and suppliers during the trade show who are as keen as you to share their knowledge and challenge themselves by confronting real life situations and industry solutions, and attend related professional development workshops to further your knowledge

Engage in valuable discussions with specialised operators, technicians and manufacturers presenting real and recent case studies as well as valuable first hand knowledge and experiences.

Come to understand the true value of productivity of your overall operation, the impacts on costs and skill shortages, the intricacies of complex orebodies and increasing competition from international quarters.

Attention all operational Managers, technical staff, supervisors, engineers, advisors, researchers and consultants ...

For in depth interviews, discussions and workshops with leading industry professionals skilled and experienced in ...

  • geology and geometallurgy
  • metallurgy and extractive metallurgy
  • mill, milling and mineral processing
  • plant technology and innovation
  • process automation
  • energy and resource managment
  • engineering
  • flotation

We look forward to your participation in the AusIMM Mill Operators' Conference 2017.

Inaugurated in Mt Isa in 1978, this biennial conference aims to promote the sharing of knowledge in operating practices for mineral processing plants, including extractive metallurgy, process control and environmental issues.


Cutting edge sorting technology for black and clear film polymers.... See the difference, sort the difference with UniSort BlackEye, Unisort Black and Unisort Film.

In the resource recovery industry, black polymers and clear film plastics are known to be one of the more complicated materials to recover and sort as numerous compounds prevent an efficient separation by density and conductivity. Standard near infrared technologies (NIR) are unable to detect these dark or black materials. As with most Recycling Facilities (MRF / C&I) and the standard technology currently used, this valuable black or clear plastic material ends up in the waste fraction.

Black plastic is often chosen for packaging and technical products as it enhances the appearance of the product e.g. food packaging, cosmetic products, garden flower pots and computer peripherals, or any kind of 3D plastics.

STEINERT technology and equipment solutions succeeds where conventional technology fails to make the grade. STEINERT’S UniSort BlackEye, Unisort Black and Unisort Film offer the possibility to efficiently recover recyclates from fractions with a high proportion of dark, black and clear plastics.

STEINERT is a pioneer in the application of hyper spectral imaging (HSI) technology and utilises this technology to approach the challenges of sorting and recognising dark objects according to type to deliver sustainable, cost effective plastic recovery solutions.

These sophisticated sensor-based sorting machine have the ability to classify plastics according to their polymer group categorization such as PE, PP, PVC and styrenes, rather than their colour. The UniSort BlackEye is not only for black materials - it can detect any colour and even no colour.

This latest technology from STEINERT enables black polymers to increase recycling rates, valuable recyclable product from existing streams has shown increases of up to 450% given current market rates. Recycled plastics can now be turned into potentially higher quality, higher value products which can be reused and this can only benefit the environment as well as enhancing the financial viability of mixed plastics recovery and recycling.

Sorting and Separation Equipment? Way to Go - STEINERT.

Diamond mining and mining of Precious gemstones see the benefits of Pre-concentration through Pre-sorting.

In Diamond mining large Diamonds and other precious gemstones are the way to increase the value of Diamond and precious gemstone mining operations. Pre-sorting and pre-concentrating streams of Diamond bearing Kimberlite and waste rock can significantly increase the yield from mining digs, by preserving the size of large Diamonds before secondary crushing decreases the value of the precious gemstones.

STEINERT recommend their latest Sensor Sorting Diamond and precious gemstone Separation solution the STEINERT XTS. Combining the best of their very successful range of optical and spatial scanners featuring the latest in Near Infra-Red Camera technology STEINERT NIS and the extremely accurate X-Ray Transmission equipment the STEINERT XSS .

The STEINERT XTS is a fully sealed unit for the best in secure Diamond and Gemstone sensing, sorting and separation solutions, achieving stunning accuracy and a high degree of purity of product output, Diamonds and Gemstones are separated from the product stream as the waste rock passes through for secondary crushing processes.

Mobile Mining Operation Equipment and Solutions that can be transported anywhere

For mobile Mining and Sorting solutions that need to be located in remote areas you really can’t do better than STEINERT Mobile Mining Solutions.

STEINERT have been developing a special array of permanent magnets the STEINERT MP for the removal of heavy media mining applications including the removal of tramp iron from gangue and waste rock streams.

The STEINERT MP units are conveniently mounted and transportable anywhere, part of new developments mobile mining equipment and application solutions.

All our sophisticated X-Ray, Near Infra-Red, 3D and Optical colour sensor, Induction current sorting and the best in magnetic separation equipment can be packed into shipping containers and moved anywhere there is a level site where the resources are located. Optionally Self Powering electrical Generators allow you to have the most sophisticated sensor sorting and separation technology right on sight where it counts.

STEINERT is committed to offering excellent innovative solutions for both start-ups and multinational companies, right from product manufacturing to installation. From on-going customer service to after-sales care - let us collaborate with you to help you achieve optimal output from your resource recovery and mining processes and ultimately, increase your company bottom line.


STEINERT supports the identification of practical solutions for managing e-waste

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