Introducing a new Mains Power electromagnet - just plug it in!

30 March 2016

Discover the convenience of the STEINERT MP range...

One of the many options where a STEINERT MP can be placed (and easily re-located if needed) in the process line with crushing and screening

The tramp metal (mostly mill balls) retrieved from the product to prevent important downstream crushers from being damaged

STEINERT Australia is pleased to offer a new Mains Power electromagnet - the STEINERT MP range.  STEINERT has been supplying trustworthy and reliable tramp removal magnets into harsh working environments for many years, however, the challenge has been the necessity to provide a stand-alone power supply to run the magnet which can survive in extreme climates.

This new range offers a solution to various industry applications - both in Mining and Resource Recovery sectors. They do not need a separate power supply and they have been specifically designed to run directly off the customer’s mains power supply.

Some much desired features of this product are:

  • Reduced overall footprint as there is no area required for a control cabinet
  • Reduced costs of installation time and commissioning
  • Underground compatible - Zone 21
  • Available in all sizes and models, including self-cleaning
  • Australian made
  • Requires a suitable three phase power source only

See image of a STEINERT MP on-site for a mining application and the feedback in regards to this new product:-

‘It is a convenient magnet solution by not having to find placement for a transformer rectifier - the simplicity of plugging it into the site’s mains power source makes it so much easier. Being electromagnetic it contains much more ‘grunt’ than a permanent magnet. Once the product is attracted it stays firmly stuck until the time of release. Perfect for where you need to slot a magnet in the mix (or re-locate) without requiring too much fuss’

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