STEINERT reaches Recognition Point 2 of the Healthy Together Achievement Program

18 November 2015

STEINERT Australia has officially been recognised as a Health Promoting Workplace for providing a supportive work environment around our nominated health priority area - Physical Activity.

Heather Maydom and Gary Thomas represented STEINERT at a celebratory event held by Healthy Together Knox at the Knox Council offices on Friday 23 October 2015 where Anthony Bernardi, Program Manager for the Achievement Program from Cancer Council Victoria, congratulated and awarded four Knox businesses, including STEINERT, with their recognition certificates.

At this same event, STEINERT was asked to share their journey (thus far) through the Achievement Program.  Heather Maydom was happy to present to the audience of over 80 people, which included not only Knox workplaces, but also early childhood centres and primary schools who have signed up to the Achievement Program, some of the organisational “activities” and initiatives STEINERT has undertaken during the year.  

Our calendar of events is a great showcase of our workplace’s enthusiasm to get on board and be involved. 

Our 'sit less, move more' campaign is truly up and running!