Why STEINERT magnets are your best choice!

18 February 2015

Our advantage is the anodised aluminium strip which is used in all STEINERT Electro Magnets. Anodised aluminium has been used in the making of Electro Overhead Suspension Magnets over many decades and it was pioneered by STEINERT GmbH….

Electro-magnet coils may be wound with either bare copper strip, bare aluminium strip, or with wire.  In each case an insulating material to keep the “turns” separated is required.  Various insulating materials are available, including braided or enamel wire, enamel or nomex materials. 

The anodised surface is the best available insulation - it can continue to insulate up to the melting temperature of aluminium.  Anodising offers long life protection against burn out for STEINERT Electro magnets.

What are the advantages of using STEINERT?

  • Optimised magnetic circuit
  • Oil-cooled magnets cope better in hot climates
  • The well proven coil design with anodised aluminium strip reduces risk of coil burn-outs
  • This design enables maximum coil turns and a compact unit
  • Low maintenance

Coil burn-outs are virtually impossible with anodised aluminium wire as there is no turn to turn insulating material when anodised aluminium is used as the winding medium.

What are the disadvantages of using other insulating materials?       

  • They absorb moisture
  • They deteriorate from heat, shock and age
  • They are bad conductors of heat and therefore ineffective at shedding heat from the coils

STEINERT has its own coil and strip anodising plant in Cologne, Germany.  This means that all of the material is anodised by the manufacturer of the Electro Magnets themselves, and is subject to our QA Programme.

Established in Cologne as a family company, STEINERT is active globally throughout Europe, Australia, Brazil, China, Japan, South East Asia, South Africa and the US, and have agent networks worldwide.

Customer service is something we pride ourselves on and should spares and repairs be required, our worldwide customer service network with its specially trained service partners can act quickly to help with advice, action and original spare parts.  We look after our customers to ensure efficient, effective and reliable performance of our products backed by our 125 years of experience.