Magnetic sorting equipment, Iron Ore sorting and non-ferrous induction sorting and plastics sensor technology for specialised sensor separation solutions of heavy and coarse grade sorting in the recycling, resource recovery and mining industries in Australasia.

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STEINERT manufacture and globally distribute sophisticated magnetic sorting, induction and plastic separation technology along with sophisticated sensor detection equipment.

Using a variety of methods including magnetic separation, induction and eddy current separation, most metals can be sorted and separated from non metals such as plastic, wood, glass, stone and timber using electro-magnetic separation techniques.

Much material wealth is hidden in the resources beneath our feet, metals such as Iron and non-ferrous metals such as Aluminium, Copper, Tin and Tungsten can be sorted and separated from waste rock streams.

Equipment from STEINERT has a global reputation for reliability, durability and customer service. STEINERT is a name associated with robust technology and this makes STEINERT equipment highly relevant for todays industrialised world of high and low tech mining, manufacturing, recycling and the resource recovery industries.

Mineral and Iron Ore Sorting with Magnetic Separation and its application in the mining industry.

For the recovery of Iron ore and Ferrous based mineral ore contained in mixed media streams of mining waste STEINERT can sort it for you. No matter whether your mining operation is a fixed base installation or for mobile mining operations, STEINERT have sensor sorting and separation solutions that can go anywhere you want to go.

Suspended Magnetic separator equipment - magnetic drums, over head magnetic pulleys and suspended magnetic bridges.

Magnetic separators have been around for some time and are trusted as reliable equipment components for primary stage sorting and magnetic separation of heavy and coarse grade mixed media product in waste streams.

Used extensively to extract materials with high compositions of iron and ferrous based minerals, tending to be strongly magnetic and often present in the mining of diamonds, gemstones, coal, silicon, magnetite based minerals and ores. Just the job for sorting heavy mixed media waste streams.

Suspended Permanent magnet bridges and pulleys in varying working widths

Permanent magnets can be mounted with in-line magnets or cross-belt magnet configurations, can be manually cleaned or come with self cleaning conveyor magnets that are robust, have a long working life and are easily installed to existing product streams.

STEINERT Magnetic drums, magnetic bridges and suspended electro-magnets are available for mounting above or below a product conveyor and are an investment in protecting your downstream equipment from harmful tramp iron, gangue, metaballs and zorba.

Suspended Electro Magnetic arrays made more powerful with finer control

Our suspended electro magnet over head pulleys and magnetic bridges generate higher flux gradients by combining electro magnetic control with powerful permanent magnets. This allows for greater flexibility and control over self cleaning magnetic separators making for increased efficiency for the removal of small tramp metal and tramp iron fraction from the feed, protecting downstream conveyors chutes and crushers.

Our overhead or overband mounted suspension Electro magnetic separators come in both air cooled suspension magnets and oil cooled suspension magnet drums, bridges and pulleys show some of the industries most encouraging cooling characteristics.

STEINERT take mining operations on the road and right to the diamonds and gemstone sites.

STEINERT can combine Wet and Dry magnetic drum separation with their array of sophisticated optical, colour, 3D spatial and spectral recognition as well and their range of Near Infrared and X-Ray transmission and fluorescence into readily plug and play mobile mining units. STEINERT MOBILE units can be packed into a series of transportable trucking containers and transported anywhere there is a flat site and resources to mine.

In addition to using magnetic and electro magnetic induction and magnetic currents, by using sophisticated optical, colour, 3D spatial and spectrometric camera technology, X-Ray and Near Infrared sensors, plastics, if recovered in sufficient quantities of high purity are profitably recyclable.

To take your mining operations right where the resources are located, STEINERT can combine all these technologies into readily deployable units which can be packed into shipping containers and transported anywhere there is a flat site upon which to set up your mining operation.

Induction and Electro-magnetic, Near Infrared and X-Ray sensor sorting for separation and extraction of valuable materials in medium and fine grain mixed fraction waste product streams.

Using Electro-magnetic Induction, non-ferrous metals that are non magnetic or only weakly magnetic can be sorted and separated utilising air currents to ejected them from the product stream where they are collected in hoppers. Non ferrous metal particles such as Aluminium, Copper, Gold, Platinum, Tin, Tungsten, Silver and Stainless Steel can be conveniently recovered from mixed product streams down to increasingly fine grain sand and rock from ore mining.

Eddy Current separators and induction current separators generate fluctuating magnetic fields at the end of the product stream conveyor, that lifts weakly magnetic substances up off the belt and into the air where they can be captured in hoppers. STEINERT Eddy Current and Induction current separators feature an operator tunable eccentric pole system that expertly separates non ferrous ores down to fine grained fraction to a high degree of purity, preserving the value of recovered product.

Sophisticated sensor arrays set STEINERT apart from other optical, x-ray and NIR sensors.

STEINERT make sophisticated imaging options utilising specialised camera technology incorporating optical, colour and spectral recognition with NIR Near infrared and X-Ray technology both X-Ray transmission XRT and X-Ray Fluorescence XRF solutions are available.

X-Ray transmission (XRT) technology has recently seen dramatic improvements with significant gains in recovering value from diamond and precious gemstone mining applications which allow for pre-concentration that allows recovery of large scale diamonds before secondary rock crushing takes place, devaluing the product stream by preserving their size and value in a securely sealed enclosure with the STIENERT XTS.

Unisort - specialised sensors for sorting hard to detect and very fine grain plastic fraction from mixed media waste product streams.

Many plastics such as PVC, PET, plastic bottles, PVC, LPDE and Polystyrenes are profitably recyclable if available in sufficient quantity and degree of purity.

STEINERT optical, colour, 3D spatial and spectral recognition cameras can be combined with Near Infrared (NIR), X-Ray Transmission (XRT) and X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) to recoup profit from all waste plastics. Plastic product streams can be efficiently sorted down to very fine grain flake. These specialised camera and optical sensor options are certainly worth considering for any municipal solid waste process facility upgrades as well as plastic recycling and end-of-life electronic scrap recovery plant improvements.

STEINERT Unisort specialised sensors can detect previously difficult to detect materials such as black plastic packaging, clear plastic film and reflective plastic film wrapping. These difficult materials extensively present in domestic, household and municipal mixed media waste product streams previously had to be hand sorted - no more.

Improvements in optical and colour recognition utilising (NIR) Near infrared camera and (XRT) X-Ray Transmission equipment is now making it possible to detect previously undetectable black plastic, clear plastic and reflective plastic film packaging from mixed media waste streams bringing significant opportunity for increased profit from domestic, household, municipal waste recycling and automotive shredder and electronic shredder product feeds.

STEINERT Premium customer service

STEINERT are expert manufacturers of Sensor, Sorting and Separation equipment with customer service which is second to none. At STEINERT LABS all sensor sorting and separation solutions can be tested to match our clients product criteria to get the most efficient combination of sensors and sorting solutions that yield the finest purity of product possible. With a Spare parts rotation program, fully trained and experience operators to service equipment and an enviable customer service record STEINERT are as invested in your investment as you are.