Magnetic Separation and Sensor Sorting Equipment for Mineral and Ore processing in the Mining, Recycling and Resource Recovery industries in Brazil and South America.

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STEINERT are one of the world's leading manufacturers of pre-concentration magnetic separation, sensor and sorting equipment. We are among the top manufacturers of pre-concentration magnetic separation equipment, both wet drum magnetic separators and dry drum magnetic separators, eddy current separators and induction separators as well as innovative optical sensor technologies.

We provide real solutions that boost the productivity and efficiency of your valuable mineral ore sorting while your equipment is protected from harmful tramp iron and tramp metal present when processing mineral ore, construction and demolition waste.

STEINERT design, build and manufacture equipment for the mining and mineral resource recovery industry particularly the pre-concentration processing of metal and mineral ore processing of coal, tramp iron and tramp metal - as well as processing MSW, electronic scrap and Auto Shredder Residue.

Final Sorting and Safe Recovery of Diamonds and Precious Gems and Stones with the XTS sorting solution from STEINERT

Early sorting when processing diamond-borne material sees recovery via the STEINERT XSS T. The XSS T machine recovers the diamonds prior to the next crushing stage which has a potential to damage the diamonds. Our coarse size diamond recovery process eliminates the need for the traditional density separation pre-concentration process. Our final stage of diamond recovery leverages the STEINERT XTS sorter, a robust machine with perfect detection means for diamonds and high material throughput rates.

Diamond sorting solutions at their best from STEINERT Global Brazil.

STEINERT Global are designers and manufacturers of ore processing, Dry drum and Wet drum magnetic separators, eddy current and induction separator as well as innovative Near Infra-Red and optical sensor sorting technologies.

STEINERT equipment is to be found throughout the mining and resource recovery industry – worldwide - providing innovative waste and recycling sensing, sorting and separation solutions to companies in Brazil and South America.

STEINERT’s ore processing and pre-concentration separation equipment truly comes to the fore in the processing of coal, minerals, tramp metal and tramp iron removal and ore sorting solutions. We supply and maintain sophisticated magnetic separation and cutting-edge optical sensor and Near Infra-Red sorting equipment, enabling state-of-the-art recovery of tramp iron, tramp metal from ores and mineral resources from gangue, tailings and waste dumps.

Here we'll take a more detailed look at how STEINERT equipment can help your business. We're always happy to discuss new projects; please contact your nearest office if you require any further information.

Ore processing and pre-concentration solutions that provide high yield, high purity product recovery - is our primary focus.

When it comes to pre-concentration Mineral sorting and Ore processing in mining facilities and mobile mining operations, our experience in mining plant solutions is unrivaled. As a leading supplier to the country's coal mining, mineral recovery and ore sorting solutions, be it copper, tungsten, tin, gold, manganese, coal, nickel – ask us how we can sort it for you!

The benefits of pre-concentration to increase mineral yield and protect downstream equipment are well documented and easily achievable with STEINERT Dry/Wet drum magnetic separation and optical sensor sorting solutions. Pre-concentration processing of Coal ie: Coal de-stoning, de-ashing and de-shaling reach high levels of purity when extracting Coal from coarse size crushed ore providing value from low-grade stockpiles. Pre-concentration sorting equipment can be located close to the crushing and grinding circuits consequently reducing haulage costs and reducing landfill.

Downstream processing equipment protection with powerful STEINERT suspension magnets remove harmful tramp metal and tramp iron from gangue and waste material - preserving your investment.

With our unique "Boomerang" suspension magnets we also offer downstream equipment protection with magnetic separation via tramp removal systems. We also have a range of sophisticated near infra-red, optical sensor and sorting equipment in wide use providing unparalleled efficiency.

STEINERT are a full range supplier and manufacturer of traditional magnetic separation and sophisticated sorting solutions.

Protect your valuable ore processing equipment and increase value from low grade stockpile dumps with our Magnetic Tramp Removal systems.

Tramp Iron and Tramp metal removal from gangue and low grade stockpile waste dumps, protects your valuable ore processing equipment and increases the value from waste material. Thousands of STEINERT manufactured suspension magnetic systems are used throughout the worlds mining and resources operations. We offer sustainable solutions which guarantee permanent advantages in the long run!

Choose from Wet/Dry Drum Permanent magnets, Electromagnets (oil-cooled or air-cooled), Self-cleaning, Stationary or manual cleaning.

We Manufacture high grade Dry Drum Separation solutions for dry process coal sorting and pre-concentration processing of heavy media, for mining operations in Brazil and South America.

Magnetic separation solutions in both Dry drum and wet drum configurations are available from STEINERT.

STEINERT offers a broad range of solutions for Coal processing, specialising in Coal de-stoning, de-ashing and de-shaling operations which improve your pre-concentration processes. Mineral and ore processing includes our famed MT Dry Magnetic Drum and dry process overhead suspension magnets, WDS Wet Drum Separators, Eddy Current Separators and Induction Separation as well as sophisticated optical, near infra-red and X-Ray sensors.

Leading the way in Wet Drum Magnetic Separation

STEINERT’s permanent magnet WDS have been successful for decades in the iron ore and heavy media processing industries. In iron ore processing, the WDS separates magnetic iron ore such as magnetite from waste rock - at P80’s commonly down to 28µm. Depending on conditions, the WDS throughput figure can reach 150 m3/h*m. STEINERT has continued to develop several aspects of the WDS for Heavy media recovery of magnetite or ferrosilicon - and is near on 100% efficient. We also supply Wet Drum separation to many large mining companies, and are constantly developing our range in response to industry needs.

STEINERT’s permanent magnet WDS have been benefiting the iron ore processing and heavy media operations successfully for decades

Our WDS (Wet Drum Separator) systems have advanced magnet technology giving a 120% increase in average magnetic force. Magnetite and ferrosilicon recovery which now approaches 100% efficiency, and the machinery is now more user friendly than ever before.

Eddy Current systems for non-ferrous metal separators, used wherever non-ferrous metals have to be recovered

STEINERT's NES Eddy Current Separator is a reliable, durable, high yield non-ferrous metal separator, with applications in a number of areas including processing of shredder material and refuse. The NES 4T, with an operating speed of up to 4,000 rpm, can increase efficiency by up to 30% in comparison with 2,600 rpm equipment.

Mobile Scrap and waste recycling solutions - when and where you need it with Eddy Current and Induction separation equipment.

The NES Eddy Current separation and ISS Induction Separation Systems can be supplied as a mobile unit, allowing the combination of stand-alone machinery to create an extremely durable and efficient mobile ore processing plant. The NES and ISS can offer a purity rate of better than 90%, representing a doubling of efficiency over manual sorting.

X-Ray Sensing, Near Infra-Red for Mobile Sensor Sorting solutions

STEINERT machinery, including our mobile solutions, offers the mining and waste recovery industries highly advanced sensor technology, which can include a combination of Near Infra-Red (NIR), optical and X-Ray equipment.

Efficient X-Ray Transmission Sensor Equipment, for mineral recovery from mining and resource recovery from solid municipal waste.

The XSS is an extremely versatile sensor sorting machine which has applications in waste sorting as well as mining preparation and processing facilities. XSS T technology can separate light from heavy metals, as well as wood from stone and PVC from plastics, by determining differing densities. XSS F uses fluorescence to "read" materials by their surfaces.

Outstanding mobile equipment protection with STEINERT Magnetic separation solutions for resource recovery plant operations in the Americas

Our Suspension Magnets are widely used the world over in resource recovery sectors such as scrap, RDF, demolition waste, slag, MSW and MRF plants.

Scrap metal and waste operations benefit from the decontamination and protection offered by our recycling separators, working at belt widths of up to 3000mm and heights of up to 900mm. Our dense coil design offers exceptionally efficient cooling.

Mobile Sensor Sorting solutions for resource recovery

The challenges for the recycling industry in the years ahead include more efficient extraction of high quality material, particularly in response to demands from aluminium sheet producers worldwide. Our mobile units can be used in both Mining and Resource Recovery industries.

X-Ray Sensing, Near Infra-Red (NIR) and Induction sorting or a combination of sensor sorting solutions

Recycling facilities and resource recovery businesses will benefit from STEINERT's highly advanced sensor equipment, including NIR, X-Ray sorting and Induction systems. Ask us about the UniSort range of products developed specifically for the waste and recycling market.

The UniSort range includes UniSort Flake, UniSort PR and UniSort Analyser – created in the response to the fast moving market of plastics recycling and RDF processing.

Remove gangue from mining product with X-Ray Sensing and Induction Sorting

Induction Sorting with the ISS allows recovery of material such as stainless steel which escapes magnetic and eddy current processes. XSS X-Ray sensing equipment works with metals, organics and plastics with grain sizes between 10 and 200mm. Highly efficient in Gangue removal.

Dry Process Coal Sorting using x-ray sensor sorting system.

Making the process even more functional are our mobile sensor sorting solutions. STEINERT XSS can be used for coal de-ashing, de-shaling, de-stoning. Designed specifically for customers who want to take their recovery process on the road, this STEINERT mobile series allows for precise mining sensor sorting anywhere a power source and fairly level ground can be found. The modules are connected together as "plug and play"

STEINERT sorting technology is not static. We are committed to offering excellent innovative solutions for both start-ups and multinational companies, right from product manufacturing to installation. From on-going customer service to after-sales care - let us collaborate with you to help you achieve optimal output from your resource recovery and mining processes and ultimately, increase your company bottom line.

Wherever you are in the world...


Having been around for over 125 years - tradition and innovation is an inseparable combination at STEINERT.  It stands for commitment and is the basis for long-term success. This is the philosophy that has provided STEINERT with its global brand recognition in providing a value chain for our customers

STEINERT is the sensible choice wherever the need arises for intelligent separation and sorting solutions for the primary and secondary resource sectors - offering a wide portfolio of equipment for a range of industries throughout the Mining, Resource Recovery, Scrap, Waste and Recycling sectors.  

From traditional and trusted magnetic separation equipment, right through to innovative sensor sorting technologies, we help our customers achieve their goals with sustainable solutions.  Whether that is to improve profitability by raising yield, to reduce operating costs, or to improve product purity and even limit environmental impact from their operations - we understand the diverse needs and unique regional necessities which our customers have to deal with. This enables STEINERT to deliver 'value-added' solutions throughout the entire process - from design and consultation through to manufacturing, installation and commissioning services.  

STEINERT service doesn't end when your equipment is delivered - it marks the beginning of a reliable partnership for your long-term benefit. With durable equipment built to last, STEINERT is constantly inventing, researching and developing in the pursuit of the future in separation and sorting technologies - a long-term solution provider and value creation partner.  

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