STEINERT Global Sensor Sorting and Magnetic Separation Solutions for the country of Brazil and South American territories.

STEINERT Global design and manufacture products and solutions specifically for the mining and resource recovery industries. Our Brazil office is ready to help you with your sorting solution and recovery solution needs.

STEINERT Global are a leading manufacturer of magnetic separation solutions plus sensor and sorting equipment. STEINERT are leading edge developers of pre-concentration magnetic separation equipment, wet and dry drum magnetic separators eddy current separators and induction separators. The innovative optical sensor technologies we design are used in many facilities world wide.

STEINERT Global is a leading manufacturer of sorting solutions, separation equipment and technology for the Resource Recovery, Mining and Recycling industries in Brazil.

STEINERT Global products and full-solution plants are resident in many of the world`s largest mining operations where mineral and ore sorting yields are crucial.

The STEINERT range of recycling and resource recovery facilities are tuned for specific operations including scrap metal salvage and recovery, municipal solid waste processing facilities, plastic recovery facilities and electronic waste – e waste – separation.

Resource Recovery solutions from STEINERT are designed for high yield output and increased profitabilty.

STEINERT Global manufacture leading edge Resource Recovery equipment ideal for the conditions prevalent in Brazil.

The efficient recovery of a natural resource is paramount to a project`s profitability and STEINERT Global follow an ethos where return on investment criteria is met through design and manufacture excellence in the field of Resource Recovery.

Construction and Demolition Waste is fast becoming a profitable and eco positive sector of waste management through the STEINERT Global approach of recovering residual fractions.

Efficient and environmentally conscious approaches to the recovery of materials from demolition waste are a well developed area of recycling in this age. Further opportunity can be found in the recovery of residual fractions from the output of demolition waste separation processes through the STEINERT Global magnetic separation and sensor sorting solutions.

The recovery of high worth materials including metals, wood, plastic and paper from a combined waste stream is achievable and profitable with STEINERT Global solutions. Demolition waste output can also be prepared as a refuse derived fuel for Waste to Energy systems.

Electronic Scrap (E-Scrap) technologies are set to become one of the most utilised recovery solution in the world and STEINERT lead the way with a full series of products and solutions.

Electronic Scrap (E Scrap) is one of the fastest growing elements of global waste and in some cases accounts for over 5% of the total waste accumulated in western countries. As an example of the growth of E Waste, it is estimated there are tens of millions of computers which will complete their lifecycle each year for the foreseeable future. Each computer will ideally be scrapped using sound E Scrap methods to both recover valuable metals and minerals and dispose of hazardous materials.

E-Waste recycling has inherent challenges and until recently has relied upon dismantling methods which are not harmonious with sound ecological standards. The variety of particle size distribution, shapes and material types output from scrapping processes sees the need for a high-throughput solution to increase efficiencies for resource recovery in the E Scrap industry sector.

STEINERT Global produce a range of products and solutions specifically designed for E Scrap recovery.

Municipal Waste operations in Brazil and South America benefit greatly from the integration of STEINERT Municipal Solid Waste (MSW solutions)

The modern recycling industry is centred on reducing landfill from Municipal Solid Waste though the use of high-specification recovery systems which effectively convert the waste stream into profitable commodities.

STEINERT Global Municipal Solid Waste Recycling systems are specifically designed to divert waste from landfills while recovering valuable resources. The process also produces Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) which can be cycled to divert energy to the running of the plant.

STEINERT Global achieves high-throughput and increased volumes of resource recovery from Municipal Solid Waste through the innovation and engineering virtues applied to each product or full solution MSW facility. The STEINERT series of Municipal Solid Waste recycling products deliver profitable solutions to an ever increasing sector of the recycling marketplace.

The STEINERT range of technology-driven solutions for the mining industry efficiently handles waste from sorting and pre-concentration.

Magnetic separation solutions cover heavy media recovery tasks and continue down to sensing and separating fine particulate in waste streams.

From the efficiency standpoint, STEINERT recovery solutions can increase material yield and purity while being robust in order to protect your equipment investment. All STEINERT sorting systems are designed with precision and efficiency in mind, delivering high-yield output with increased profitability.

The mining processing sector continually faces challenges; in particular the leaner deposit companies must strive for efficiency. STEINERT Global recognize the challenges faced in this dynamic industry and deliver sorting and separation systems which can offset costs accordingly.

STEINERT Global is a leading supplier to the coal mining industry of mineral recovery and ore sorting solutions

Our coal mining technical solutions for the removal of tramp metal are efficient and vigorous in their build quality. Magnetic separators including over belt and over pulley magnets provide reliable tramp iron removal from conveyor systems resident in coal plants.

The STEINERT range of WDS (Magnetic Wet Drum Separators) leads the way with the capable recovery of magnetite and ferrosilicon powder in conventional coal wash plants.

Dry coal separation is perfectly suited to the STEINERT XSS T sorting system where the Dual-Energy X-Ray sensor system comes into play. The process requires no water which greatly improves the ash content and removes unsafe sulphur from the stream.

STEINERT optical and colour sorting solutions lead the way for Industrial Mineral recovery

Improve your product quality with industrial mineral mining through the use of the STEINERT optical and colour sorting solutions.

Our latest product, the STEINERT NIS, provides a higher spectral and spacial resolution than the traditional systems, delivering higher purity in feldspar, quartz, calcite and phosphate.

Optimize your Ore and Mineral Mining operation with STEINERT Sorting Solutions

Mineral processing plant owners are continually striving to optimize their systems. STEINERT Global recognize the challenges inherent in the stages of ore processing and have geared their range of products to deliver the most efficient output possible.

The installation of the STEINERT pre-concentration systems within traditional processing plants will augment and advance your downstream processes while also reducing operating costs, water management and tailings dam footprint.

The energy savings from the optimised processing stream are substantial for your company. STEINERT Global offer bespoke solutions for the recovery of all ores, including base metals all the way through to precious metals.

Efficient Iron Ore grading is possible with STEINERT technologies by your side

Iron ores grades require specialist sorting solutions including the STEINERT Magnetic Separation technology or our STEINERT WDS wet drum separators for fines.

The STEINERT XSS T X-Ray sensor system from STEINERT is designed to enhance the dry pre-concentration process for iron and manganese ores.

Diamond and precious gemstone mining and sorting solutions from STEINERT Global are in place to increase the efficiency of sorting kimberlite ore bodies

With waste rock sorting as a pre-concentration technique not utilised in traditional diamond mining, it became clear a cost effective waste rock sorting process would benefit this sector of the mining industry. STEINERT Global is proud to offer a series of solutions specifically designed for the tasks.

STEINERT also developed the XSS T high capacity sorter as an early process in the system chain where diamonds are recovered prior to the next crushing stage. This in turn produces a higher output of undamaged diamonds.

The STEINERT Global XRT x-ray series of sorting machine does much of the heavy lifting for the final recovery of rough diamonds.

STEINERT Global invigorates Mobile Mining through the development of site specific solutions

One of the biggest questions for mining companies is “How do we improve the performance of our sensor sorting equipment?” STEINERT responded to this question by designing and manufacturing a state of the art mobile sensor sorting plant to help mining companies increase their yield and profitability.

The STEINERT mobile series is available as a set of modules which can be chained together via plug-and-play integration. The system is shipped in three bespoke 40 foot containers and features rapid deployment once arrived at the source.

STEINERT Global leads the charge with this latest mobile sorting and recovery solution.

The STEINERT range of mobile solutions is developed explicitly for customers who want to take their resource recovery systems to the source

The STEINERT mobile series allows for decisive resource recovery wherever a reliable power source and fairly stable ground can be found.

STEINERT mobile systems may be purchased as stand alone units or utilised in a series of combinations for a more vigorous mobile processing plant.

The mobile series is the perfect choice for landfill mining, pile reduction & management, plus other specialised projects. Contact your STEINERT Global representative today for further details regarding a mobile resource recovery solution tailored specifically for your needs.

STEINERT sorting technology is ever evolving. We are committed to delivering true innovation through solutions for both start-ups and international companies. Our life-line for every product starts with manufacturing and extends all the way to installation on your site.

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A STEINERT possui tecnologias e soluções para atender aos mais variados critérios de separação, desde os clássicos separadores magnéticos até as inovadoras tecnologias de separação por sensores.

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