Magnetic Separation

  • STEINERT EddyC FINESDeveloped as a non-ferrous metal separator for very fine materials. Only a 10 min belt change
  • STEINERT BRSTEINERT magnetic head pulleys attract particularly small pieces of tramp iron from bulk materials.
  • STEINERT MTSTEINERT Magnetic Drums MT excel at magnetic removal in all applications.
  • STEINERT NESThe non-ferrous metal separator can be used wherever non-ferrous metals have to be recovered or separated.
  • STEINERT FinesMasterThe perfect solution for recycling fine metals, made efficient by its strong magnets and eccentric pole System.
  • STEINERT CanMasterIs specially designed for separating coarse-grained Aluminium and is the perfect solution for optimising Aluminium recovery.
  • STEINERT SteelMasterCombining ballistic and magnetic effects the STEINERT SteelMaster separates an iron-rich ferrous fraction from copper-containing material.
  • STEINERT UMPPermanent suspension magnet UMP from STEINERT are successfully in use for decades, mainly in portable plants – everywhere where electricity is limited and lower suspension height are necessary.
  • STEINERT UM/AM Remove ferrous tramp metal to decontaminate product and protect your processing equipment
  • STEINERT HGFSTEINERT HGF is a Matrix separator, equipped with a permanent magnet that can be activated and deactivated.
  • STEINERT HGSSTEINERT HGS is commonly used in salt processing plants, the building materials industry and the industrial minerals sector.
  • STEINERT NTSThe STEINERT NTS was designed for very fine-grained components (<10 μm).
  • STEINERT WDSSTEINERT WDS’s remove magnetic contamination from the product stream, therefore increasing product purity and plant productivity.

Sensor Sorting

  • STEINERT XSS TThe X-Ray Sorting System XSS T creates exciting new possibilities for automated sorting of mixed material.
  • STEINERT XSS FThe STEINERT XSS F Sorting System combines the power of the proven and unique X-Ray Fluoroscence (XRF) technology.
  • STEINERT XTSRecovery of diamonds using STEINERT x-ray diamond sorting technology
  • STEINERT KSSThe new modular structure of the STEINERT KSS units is reflected in the STEINERT KSS 3D.
  • STEINERT ISSThe Induction Sorting System STEINERT ISS® is the perfect solution to recover the non-ferrous metals not recovered by ECS processing or magnetic separation.
  • STEINERT Fines ISSThe ARGOS C inductive sensor offers previously unseen sensitivity readings to allow for a recovery of even the smallest pieces down to 1 mm in particle size effectively.
  • STEINERT NISEfficient separation of kimberlite from barren rock using NIR technology
  • UniSort PRThe new generation of UniSort equipment is based on the latest NIR camera technology – Hyper Spectral Imaging (HSI).
  • UniSort CThe UniSort C series has been designed for the color-based sorting of coarse and fine plastics, paper and glass. However, it is also possible to sort other types of bulk material.
  • UniSort FlakeNIR- or colour sorting of granulated plastic, ground materials or metals in the form of fine-grain materials.
  • UniSort BlackThe answer for identifying, sorting and recovering those black, dark and unknown objects…
  • UniSort BlackEyeSee the difference with cutting edge sorting technology for black polymers...
  • UniSort FilmEfficient sorting of packaging material
  • UniSort AnalyserQuality control of substitute fuels with UniSort online Analysis.