STEINERT High Gradient Magnetic Filter

This matrix separator - STEINERT HGF, is equipped with a permanent magnet that can be activated and deactivated, can be used to separate ultra fine-grained magnetic particles, most smaller than 10 µm, from liquids, usually with an extraction rate considerably higher than 80 %.

A typical application is the treatment of degreasing liquids and baths in the steel industry. Nearly all steel companies have at least one STEINERT HGF in operation, and thus the fluid circuit is almost completely closed.

A wire matrix is magnetised by permanent magnets that can be activated and deactivated (switched on and off). The ultra-high magnetic field gradients generated at the wires reliably capture the small iron particles and deposit them on the wires. After a few minutes, a strong flush cleans the filter matrix in just a few seconds. The resulting concentrate is usually processed into sludge by the STEINERT NTS.


Function: Separation of ultra fine-grained particles from liquids
Grain size: 0.5 - 1 μm (separation efficiency > 90 %)
Throughput: 5 - 400 m3/h (* depending on the respective conditions)
Overall sizes: 50, 100 and 200 cm filter matrix length