STEINERT High Gradient Magnetic Separator

STEINERT HGS is commonly used in salt processing plants, the building materials industry and the industrial minerals sector. It is ideal for sorting free flowing bulk materials in the fine-grained particle range from 200 μm up to several millimetres.

The HGS has a modular design consisting of either single or multiple stages to suit the separation of the material. Each stage or module consists of a short belt conveyor to transport the material continuously to the magnetic pulley of the STEINERT HGS which generates a high magnetic field gradient and a magnetic field strengths of up to 20,000 Gauß. The open design of the STEINERT HGS allows the processing of particles from 10 mm to less than 1mm in size. The STEINERT HGS is the most modern state-of-the-art technology in regards to the selectivity, operation and long life to all - components.


Function: Separation of weakly magnetisable materials
Grain Size: 0.2 - 2 mm
Throughput: 5 t/h*m (* depending on the respective conditions)
Working width: 0.5 - 2m