STEINERT Magnetic Drum

STEINERT magnetic drums excel at ferrous removal in a wide range of applications. They have no dead spots and work with larger operating gaps. They yield clean ferrous product and clean bulk product, and also, protect processing equipment from damage by tramp iron.

STEINERT offers both electromagnetic and permanent magnet drums in overbelt or underbelt versions (which can be fed from the top or from below). We use Using designs as a basis, and then continuously improve and refine them. Their special design ensures maximum purity and thus facilitates attractive marketing of the scrap iron. Moreover STEINERT magnetic drums are extremely durable and distinguished by their long service life.

HYBRID Drum® is a registered trademark of STEINERT and greatly increases productivity in the metal processing industry. The combination of even stronger electromagnetic ANOFOL coils and permanent magnets boosts efficiency by about 30 % – a powerful claim, to your benefit.

Principal of Function

The animated illustration explains the functional principle of the STEINERT magnetic drum.


Function: Separation of iron and magnetic minerals
Grain size: 1 - 250 mm
Throughput: ≥ 100 t/h*m (* depending on the respective conditions)
Overall size: Diameter = 400 - 1800 mm, Working width = 400 - 3400 mm