The STEINERT NTS was designed for very fine-grained components (<10µm). It enriches the rinsing concentrate of the high gradient magnetic filter (HGF) to a highly enriched sludge. At smaller throughput rates, it also efficiently cleans contaminated degreasing liquids and other fluids. Its powerful neodymium magnet system ensures reliable separation for these grain sizes as well.


Degreasing liquids and baths, filter concentrates, minerals, coolants


The liquid flows through a semi-circular separating chamber beneath a stainless steel drum to which the magnetisable particles are bound. A cylinder consisting of permanent magnetic discs positioned within the drum creates the strong, high-gradient magnetic field. The special permanent magnets generate particularly high field gradients, which are crucial for successful separation, as is the case with all magnetic separators. By rotating the drum, the filter cake is lifted out of the slurry and the magnetic field.