STEINERT Wet Drum Separators

Unlike traditional separators, STEINERT’s next generation of wet drum separators (WDS) make use of special magnet arrangements which result in a 120% increase in the average magnetic force index measured over the entire operating gap through which the slurry passes.

STEINERT’s permanent magnet WDS have been beneficiating iron ore and heavy media successfully for decades. In iron ore processing, the WDS separates magnetic iron ore such as magnetite from waste rock - at P80’s commonly down to 28μm. STEINERT has continued to develop several aspects of the WDS. Heavy media recovery - magnetite or ferrosilicon - is near on 100% efficient.

As operational issues make it extremely difficult for plant operators to maintain all the above optimally for all conditions, STEINERT has embarked on the development of a more user friendly WDS which are less sensitive to the fluctuations that would normally be difficult for traditional separators to cope with. The result is not only a decrease in time spent optimising equipment, but also an increase in capacity and recovery efficiency, showing both capital and operational cost savings.




Throughput: ≥ 150 m3/h*m (* depending on the respective conditions)
Working width: up to 3.0 m
Diameter: ≥ 1.2 m / 0.9 m