Save Black Plastics


The UniSort Black represents a technology developed by the STEINERT Group that can be used to separate black plastics and other materials with high potential for reuse from worthless waste.  It enables waste disposal and recycling companies to utilize greater potential for increasing their yields by sorting these valuable materials out of the waste stream so that they no longer have to be consigned to landfill or thermal recovery. That’s because the UniSort Black now enables exactly these valuable materials to be recognized and sorted out of the material flow.

The STEINERT solution for recognizing and sorting all dark and black components in the waste stream offers a solution to a problem that even today presents companies with substantial challenges. The UniSort Black makes it possible to save disposal costs and reduce the costs for the associated logistical processes.

The system can be integrated into existing facilities so that companies can also enhance their sorting concepts by retrofitting the UniSort Black.

In contrast to conventional systems, which work using the NIR process, STEINERT makes use of Hyper Spectral Imaging Technology (HSI) in the UniSort Black sensor-based sorting system.