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Pre-Sorting, Pre-Concentration and separation innovations in Steinert Global mining equipment sees higher yeild of Diamonds in Kiberlite, Coal, Iron Ore and Precious Gemstones

In mineral and resource rich countries, mining presents itself as the key to recovering mineral wealth. STEINERT Global deliver high performance post-mining sorting solutions to the Diamond and Gemstone mining sectors

Our sophisticated sensing and sorting solutions provide equipment to efficiently handle mining and mineral waste, from sorting, pre-concentration and magnetic separation solutions for heavy media recovery down to sensing and separation of sand and fine grain fraction in waste product streams.

Diamonds, Coal, Iron and Precious Gemstone Mining Equipment Manufacturer

No sphere of activity in the resource recovery industry represents the challenges of heavy media recovery like mining. Once the primary rock crushing and shredder processes have completed STEINERT heavy media recovery solutions expertly sort gangue and waste rock from the precious mineral bearing ore with stunning efficiency to a very high degree of purity. High yield diamond and precious gem extraction from STEINERT Global.

With wet and dry media recovery solutions available STEINERT have solutions to separate coal, iron ore, copper, tin, gold, tungsten, nickel, mineral sands, precious stones ( found in kimberlite), non ferrous metal ores, manganese ore, andalusite ore, aluminium and ferrochrome.

New developments see increases in value for Diamond and Precious Gemstone Sorting and Separation Solutions

In diamond mining, large diamonds and other precious gemstones are the way to increase the value of diamond and precious gemstone mining operations.

Pre-sorting and pre-concentrating streams of waste rock can significantly increase the yield from mining digs, by preserving the size of large diamonds before secondary crushing decreases the value of the precious gemstones.

STEINERT recommend their latest triumph in diamond and precious gemstone sensor sorting and separation solutions the STEINERT XTS. Combining the best of their very successful range of optical and spatial scanners featuring the latest in Near Infra-Red camera technology STEINERT NIS and the extremely accurate X-Ray transmission equipment the STEINERT XSS .The best of NIR and X-ray technology, combined in the STEINERT NTS to form the latest in secure diamond pre-sorting and pre-concentration equipment.

The STEINERT XTS is a fully sealed unit for the best in secure Diamond and Gemstone sensing, sorting and separation solutions, achieving stunning accuracy and a high degree of purity of product output.

Preserve the size and profitability of diamonds and gemstones by separating them from the product stream before secondary crushing processes reduce the value of your product stream.

Sorting, Pre-Sorting and Pre-Concentration of Industrial Minerals for today's Mining and Rescource Recovery Industries - STEINERT Global products and solutions deliver increased yield through innovative design and manufacture

When it comes to sorting industrial minerals such as calcite, feldspar, quartz and phosphate from waste rock STEINERT magnetic sensing, sorting and separation solutions are second to none.

Be it Iron ore, copper, tin, gold, tungsten, nickel, mineral sands, precious stones, diamonds from kimberlite, non ferrous metal ores, manganese ore, andalusite ore, aluminium and ferrochrome – ask us how we can sort it for you!

Powerful STEINERT Suspension Magnets mounted above the waste rock conveyor or under the belt remove harmful Tramp iron and ferrous based minerals in surrounding rock.Sophisticated X-ray sensors STEINERT XSS , Near Infra-Red (NIR) optical sensors STEINERT NIS and induction sorting STEINERT ISS can be combined together to form a custom sorting and separation suite of tools in the STEINERT KSS to sort and extract any industrial mineral ores from waste rock.

All STEINERT sensor equipment refines product streams to a high degree of purity with minimum waste in varying widths and speeds to match the width and speed of your conveyor product stream.

Mining Iron and Mineral Ore Sorting Solutions and Technologies

We are a leading supplier of mining equipment for the worlds mining, mineral recovery and ore sorting solutions. Whether it is copper, tungsten, tin, gold, manganese, coal, nickel – ask us how we can sort it for you!

Valuable mineral ores can now be effectively sorted and separated from waste rock using powerful STEINERT Suspension Magnets . Permanent magnetic drums and electromagnetic drum systems with the STEINERT MT and the STEINERT BR exert powerful magnetic fluxes attracting the smallest magnetically weak metals. The magnetic drums can be mounted over the product stream or under the conveyor belt for maximum efficiency in sorting and separating ferrous product from mineral ore.

All STEINERT magnetic separation solutions are available in wet drum magnetic separation solutions STEINERT WDS and dry drum separation solutions depending on the application required.

Non-ferrous mineral ores can be sorted using induction current technology and eddy current separation equipment. The STEINERT NES , STEINERT NES 4T and STEINERT FinesMaster can sort and separate non-ferrous ore from waste rock product streams down to increasingly fine degrees, expertly sorting sand and fine grain product effecting extraction of mineral ores efficiently and to a high degree of purity.

X-ray transmission and fluorescence, STEINERT XSS and induction sorting sensors, STEINERT ISS can be combined in the STEINERT KSS, a highly customisable solution that can be fine tuned to match any customer product streams, tested in our showroom to customer satisfaction.

Magnetic Separation Equipment for Coal Mining solutions in Europe from STEINERT Global

Magnetic separation is one of the most common methods of separating waste rock from precious mineral ore in your mining operation, because they are trusted and reliable methods that efficiently sort ferrous based metal in ore and rock from non-ferrous material.

STEIENERT are leading suppliers of the worlds coal mining, mineral recovery and ore sorting solutions. Our powerful magnetic sorting and separation solutions are renowned the world over as reliable and durable solutions for sorting valuable coal from tramp metal, tramp iron, gangue and waste crushed rock.

STEINERT employ powerful magnetic separators that mount either above the conveyor or under the belt, available in conveniently mountable bridge and drum configurations.

STEINERT’s magnetic separators remove harmful tramp iron and gangue from coal sorting and separation processes, adding value by protecting downstream equipment while enriching the product stream. STEINERT Suspension Magnets are available in strong permanent or electro-magnetically controlled magnetic circuits for sorting and separating coal product and ease in cleaning.

Magnetic Separation: Iron Ore extraction techniques, methods and equipment

When it comes to mining iron ore from hematite and magnetite, experts agree that magnetic separation is the most efficient method of separating iron bearing mineral ores from the waste rock derived from mining operations.

STEINERT Suspension Magnets are conveniently mounted as overhead or under conveyor belt. STEINERT MT and STEINERT BR mounted suspension magnets are trusted throughout the mining and iron ore industries as reliable and durable mining equipment. STEINERT magnetic separation equipment expertly removes iron from product streams protecting downstream equipment from harmful tramp iron, preventing wear on your equipment investment.

Wet or Dry processing, Magnetic or Non-Magnetic, Iron and Non-Ferrous metals, Rock Paper, Plastics can be separated from Glass, Clear Plastic, Black Plastic and Dark Objects can all be sensed, separated and sorted by air ejection, magnetic field or electronic induction field.


STEINERT provides solutions in separation technologies and sensor-based sorting used as pre-concentration processes. e.g. waste rock sorting (gangue removal) before milling processes saves energy costs and improves down-stream process efficiencies. Around the world, STEINERT stands for reliability and durability in magnetic separation and sensor-based sorting equipment.

From magnetic separation processes for run of mine ores and/or for further processes such as Near Infrared (NIR), X-ray transmission (XRT), optical or 3D laser sorting, STEINERT provides specialist expertise for mineral pre-concentration processes. These sorting systems are robust and designed to meet the requirements of operating in the tough mining and mineral processing plant environments and still provide precise separation to maximize the output of your mine.



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