Steinert Global are leading manufacturers of high quality recycling equipments for international mining and recycling companies.

Steinert manufacture and service outstanding state of the art technology, our recycling and salvage equipment provide efficiency, reliability and effective resource recovery with maximum productivity ensuring the purity of the separated materials to better than 90%.

Steinert create mining, recycling and salvage solutions and equipment with precision and quality. Our high-tech sensor detection and sorting processes help when sorting and reclaiming valuable resources from automotive waste, electronic waste, household waste, incineration slag, scrap wood, demolition scrap, used foundry sand, scrap tyres and metallurgical slag. Moreover, we stand as the best manufacture of mining equipments for iron ore, coal, sand and salt among other industrial minerals

Clients use our products for countless Mining, Recycling and Salvage operations and applications to realize optimal efficiency

With our wide array of advanced Sensor Detection, Separating and Sorting technology, our equipment is designed to provide sophisticated solutions for your valuable industrial reclamation, salvage and recycling needs. We incorporate magnetic separators, eddy current technology and x-rays technology among other high-tech innovations to improve your industrial processes on site and on time.

Our tried and proven techniques provide solutions recover, salvage and recycle Paper, PVC, Plastics and Metals from Household Waste and Refuse Incineration Slag from burnt domestic waste. Scrap wood recovery from Demolition Scrap, Recycle waste material into Compost by recovering the metals and ceramics. Valuable material can be recovered from Automotive Salvage and Auto Shredder Residue (ASR) as well as Used Tyres. Recover metals from Used Foundry Sand and Electronic Scrap, Ore and Mineral Separation from Mining Slag to better than 90% efficiency and purity. Our process are respected and profitable the world over.

Household Waste: Recover metal scraps from household refuse with Steinert solutions

Recovering of valuable components from household waste may sometime prove a daunting task. This is because of the waste composition and condition. If you need to recover scrap metals, achieve purity when sorting plastics, and recover PVC among other minerals effectively. Our STEINERT NES will help you recover non-ferrous metals like copper and aluminium, STEINERT suspension magnet will come in handy in iron scrap separation, STEINERT XSS (X-ray sorting system) will prove important in mineral separation like ceramic and glass components.

Scrap wood: Invest in the right machine for your wood recycling needs

To enhance your wood recycling material quality for chipboard production or energy uses, you need to invest in the right machine that will separate your wood from all other contaminants like stones and metals. To achieve impurity-free wood chips, you need our STEINERT MTP (Magnetic Drum) to help separate fine-grained iron from the wood scrap, STEINERT ISS (Induction Sorting System) to recover stainless steel and residual metals, STEINERT UME (Suspension Magnet) to separate tramp iron and STEINERT NES (Non-Ferrous Metal Separator) for non-ferrous metal separation. Moreover, STEINERT XXS (X-ray Sorting System) will help in sorting aluminium and copper materials among other contaminants.

Refuse Incineration Slag: Benefit from our separation solutions to give you optimal metal recovery

Refuse incineration slag disintegrates easily, it is moist and will more often cake on machines, making separation and recovery almost impossible. With our separation technology, you can be assured of effective sorting and recovery. Use our Magnetic Drum to recover iron components, Induction Sorting System to separate any composite and non-magnetic stainless steel, Non-Ferrous Metal Separator to sort out non-ferrous metals, Suspension Magnet to recover course iron and STEINERT Finesmaster to recover minute iron and non-ferrous metal particles.

Demolition scrap: Recover useful components for reuse with STEINERT separation technology.

If you want to recycle your demolition scrap and other components, we will give you a perfect and practical solution. Use our Induction Sorting System to recover residual metals and stainless steel, Non-Ferrous Metal Separator to recover aluminium and copper metals, Suspension Magnet to reclaim iron scrap, and X-ray Sorting System to recover copper meatballs and sort other non-ferrous metal products.

Compost: Effectively separate metal and plastic from your compost

Recovering useful materials or separating contaminants from compost may pose a challenge due to its nature and form. Our sophisticated machines will sort this problem effectively giving you fine results. By applying Unisort NIR sorting system, you will be able to separate plastic and paper from the compost, STEINERT UME (Suspension Magnet) will help in sorting iron fragments, while the STEINERT ISS (Induction Sorting System) will suit in stainless steel and residual metals.

Auto Shredder Residue (ASR): Achieve a perfect separation with STEINERT solutions

A combination of iron, glass, and non-ferrous metals, plastic and other component needs an ideal sorting machine assembly to achieve the desired results. You also need to achieve the separate components in their pure form for recycling. Our STEINERT KSS (Combination Sensor Sorting) is designed to use shape identification for perfect recovery. You will also be able to recover finer and cleaner non-ferrous metal granules and iron grains that are below 10-mm. STEINERT MTE & STEINERT MTP magnetic drum will assist in steel scrap recovery and microscopic iron particles respectively. STEINERT ISS STEINERT NES and STEINERTXSS will also come in handy in separation of aluminium, copper and other residual metals.

Used Foundry Sand: Achieve clean and reusable foundry sand using STEINERT recovery solutions

You don’t have to result to manual recovery of contaminants from your used foundry sand. To achieve clean and reusable sand, STEINERT Finemaster will give you a perfect separation of tiny (less than 10mm) non-ferrous metal and iron grains. The high-tech STEINERT HGS will recover magnetisable fragments while STEINERT MTP and STEINERT NES will help in iron and non-ferrous metal separation respectively.

Electronic scrap: recover valuable components from your electronic scrap with separation technology.

If you are dealing with electronics such as coffeemakers, washing machines, TVs, mobile phones, shavers and you think you can recover some valuable components from that their scrap, our products will give you the best solution. Use Combination Sensor Sorting to recover components such as batteries and ICW through shape recognition, STEINERT Finemaster to process fine-grained shredder light fraction and reclaiming clean non-ferrous metal and iron grains. Unisort NIR sorting system will help in separating plastic components from casings and STEINERT ISS will recover plastics from metals.

Used Tyres: Ideal separation of extremely tight composite of rubber and iron

Separating used tyre components needs precision operation, which is guaranteed by our sorting and separation equipments. Use our STEINERT MTP to recover fine-grained iron components and STEINERT UME to recover tramp iron.

Plastic recycling: STEINERT products brings better solutions to plastic recovery and separation

To achieve a high quality recycling, our sophisticated machines will help you realize the desired level of plastic purity. Use UniSort NIR sorting system to recover single type plastic, STEINERT MTP to separate fine–grained iron, STEINERT UME (Suspension Magnet) for coarse iron recovery and STEINERT NES (Non-Ferrous Metal Separator) to separate non-ferrous metals from plastic.

Mining and Mineral Ore Separation : Using X-ray and electronic induction techniques for Sorting and Separating valuable mineral Ores from Mining Slag

Our technology is widely used in mining sector to separate minerals from other contaminants e.g. in commercial coal sorting where X-ray and electronic induction technology is applied.

STEINERT sorting technology is not static. We are committed to offering excellent innovative solutions for both start-ups and multinational companies, right from product manufacturing to installation, save post-installation solutions. Let us collaborate with you to help you in achieving optimal output from your recycling, recovery and separation processes and considerably increase your company bottom line.

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