We stay loyal to our principles so that you stay loyal to us


For more than 125 years, our SEPARATION TECHNOLOGY business unit has been offering top technical separation solutions for the primary and secondary raw materials sector. Thanks to the application of an extremely wide spectrum of methods, ranging from sophisticated magnet technology to state-of-the-art sensors, our customers receive materials in their purest form. Important resources are conserved as a result.

Due to its vast experience with separation technology, our ANOFOL business unit can offer high-precision coils of anodized aluminium strip for electrotechnical applications. Our customers worldwide greatly benefit from the wide range of applications associated with these coils.

Today, STEINERT offers a wide range of high quality technical solutions that are unique worldwide. By listening to our international sales network and production companies on various continents, we understand national requirements and can contribute to economic success with our solutions.

External management, a highly motivated team, and the strengths of an independent family company — all these things together make it possible for us to plan for the long term and act in a sustainable manner. In this way, we can always take account of new points of view and continue to develop innovative new ideas. This background, the regular dialogue with our customers, and our high willingness to invest generate state-of-the-art technology and efficient production methods.


In conjunction with an open communication structure and a cooperative leadership style, mutual appreciation and respect result in a highly motivated workforce. We invest in our employees’ training and professional qualifications. Active development of personnel promotes employee motivation and opens up the possibility of further development within the group of companies.

We strive to operate in a sustainable manner — and will continue to do so in the future.

With our applications, we will make further intelligent solutions available and thereby play a role in reducing the environmental impact of various activities.

We regard ourselves as leaders when it comes to innovation and will continue to drive progress forward in all of our business fields. Our in-house development department and our close relationships with universities and research facilities will ensure that we live up to our expectations.

We use our knowledge to provide our customers with optimal solutions for the widest possible range of application fields.


Cologne, 12th October, 2012
Klaus Buchholz