Mining and Recycling Sorting and Separation Equipment at the 2016 AusIMM Conference

: Perth WA, Australia.

NEWSFLASH : STEINERT to showcase recent developments.

STEINERT to showcase the most recent developments and improvements to their range of Mobile Mining and sensor sorting and separation Equipment at the 13th AusIMM Institute of Mining and Metallurgy conference discussing International Mining and Mill Operations.

13th AusIMM Mill Operators` Conference 2016

Measure, Manage, Improve

, Perth Australia

The 13th AusIMM Mill Operators' Conference is for all those Managers, operational technical staff, supervisors, engineers, advisors, researchers, consultants and students with a professional interest in mining, mineral and ore extraction, processing and extractive metallurgy industries.

Where and when for the 13th AusIMM Mill Operatos` conference.

Following on from the highly successful Townsville event which attracted nearly 400 industry professionals, the 13th AusIMM Mill Operators' Conference will be held in Perth, Western Australia, 10-12th of October of 2016.

The 13th AusIMM Mill Operators' Conference will provide the opportunity for plant operators, metallurgists, engineers and operational staff to learn, share and network with others in the minerals industry.

Leading industry experts offer advice, experience and knowledge at the 13th Mill Operators’ conference 2016

All those taking part in the 13th Mill Operators` conference are dedicated professionals from all areas and disciplines of the mineral and extractive metallurgy processing industry. Skilled plant operators come together to share a practical knowledge acquired enhancing operations across mineral processing plants and extractive metallurgical processing to discuss process control and the associated environmental issues.

Engage in valuable discussions with specialised operators, technicians and manufacturers presenting real and recent case studies as well as valuable first hand knowledge and experiences.

Come to understand the true value of productivity of your overall operation, the impacts on costs and skill shortages, the intricacies of complex orebodies and increasing competition from international quarters.

Network with industry manufacturers and suppliers during the trade show who are as keen as you to share their knowledge and challenge themselves by confronting real life situations and industry solutions, and attend related professional development workshops to further your knowledge

Attention all operational Managers, technical staff, supervisors, engineers, advisors, researchers and consultants ...

For in depth interviews, discussions and workshops with leading industry professionals skilled and experienced in ...

  • process automation
  • energy and resource managment
  • engineering
  • flotation
  • geology and geometallurgy
  • metallurgy and extractive metallurgy
  • mill, milling and mineral processing
  • plant technology and innovation

We look forward to your participation in the 13th AusIMM Mill Operators' Conference 2016.

Inaugurated in Mt Isa in 1978, this biennial conference aims to promote the sharing of knowledge in operating practices for mineral processing plants, including extractive metallurgy, process control and environmental issues.

Mobile Mining Operation Equipment and Solutions that can be transported anywhere

For mobile Mining and Sorting solutions that need to be located in remote areas you really can’t do better than STEINERT Mobile Mining Solutions.

STEINERT have been developing a special array of permanent magnets the STEINERT MP for the removal of heavy media mining applications including the removal of tramp iron from gangue and waste rock streams.

The STEINERT MP units are conveniently mounted and transportable anywhere, part of new developments mobile mining equipment and application solutions.

All our sophisticated X-Ray, Near Infra-Red, 3D and Optical colour sensor, Induction current sorting and the best in magnetic separation equipment can be packed into shipping containers and moved anywhere there is a level site where the resources are located. Optionally Self Powering electrical Generators allow you to have the most sophisticated sensor sorting and separation technology right on sight where it counts.

STEINERT is committed to offering excellent innovative solutions for both start-ups and multinational companies, right from product manufacturing to installation. From on-going customer service to after-sales care - let us collaborate with you to help you achieve optimal output from your resource recovery and mining processes and ultimately, increase your company bottom line.
Terms Relevant to this document
  • Bulk materials handling equipment
  • Heavy Media separation and sorting equipment solutions
  • Construction & Demolition waste recovery solutions
  • Mineral ore sorting equipment solutions and machinery
  • mining separation equipment
  • tramp metal and tramp iron removal systems
  • Gangue removal equipment and solutions
  • Dry Process Coal Sorting Solution
  • Wet drum magnetic separator equipment and machinery
  • high gradient magnetic filter & high gradient magnetic separator equipment
  • eddy current separator equipment and machinery
  • non ferrous metal separator equipment
  • Induction sorter equipment in mining
  • Near Infra-Red NIR sorting systems
  • optical sorting systems - color sorting solutions - Hyper Spatial 3D imaging sorting and separation equipment
  • x-ray sensor sorting solutions and equipment
  • scrap metal and metal recovery from recycling and auto shredder waste
  • electronic scrap - E-scrap & E-waste - electronic scrap recovery solutions
  • electronic waste recycling and resource recovery solutions
  • plastic recycling equipment for recovery of PVC & PET bottles and plastic packaging
  • waste to energy conversion
  • diamond recovery solutions - precious gem sorting

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