Scrap Metal Recovery from Auto Shredder Residue, Plastics and Packaging Recycling equipment for Municipal Solid Waste and Houshold Waste Recovery and Recycling Systems in Europe

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Steinert Global believe strongly in the ethic that recycling metals, plastics, plastics packaging, glass, paper and wood from household waste reduces the need to manufacture and process raw materials, while drastically reducing Landfill, hard costs, water and energy usage.

Steinert Global Resource recovery technology allows you to reclaim metal, plastics and plastics packaging from a number of recycled sources and recycling processes. From Municipal Solid Waste, Auto Shredder Residue, Electronic Scrap and E-waste, Mining slag, Construction and Demolition waste we can help you salvage valuable resources such as Iron, Copper, Aluminium, plastics such as PVC and PET, non ferrous glass and stainless steel by recycling household waste as well as construction refuse.

In an ever-changing global landscape, global trends and statistics speak for themselves; with prominent aluminium sheet producers calling for 70% or more utilization of recycled content by the year 2020 and a 12.5 percent increase in scrap plastic exports from July 2014. STEINERT Global recycling solutions are in place to meet and exceed these targets.

STEINERT are specialist manufacturers of Separation, Sensing and Sorting equipment used extensively in Mining applications, Recycling and wherever Resource Recovery Equipment or solutions are required.

Our Recycling and Resource Recovery solutions are used in Materials Recovery Facilities, Plastics Recovery Facilities and Mining Plant operations throughout the industrial world. Our technology such as Eddy current separators, Induction separators, Overhead and Underbelt Magnetic Drum systems, sophisticated sensor technology such as x-ray sensors, colour sensors, Near Infra-Red (NIR) sensors and our 3D Spectral Surface Sensor technology can be used both separately and in conjunction with each other to streamline your product stream processes - no matter what precious minerals or resources you need to recover.

Our technology allows you to separate a wide variety of materials such as household waste including municipal solid waste and construction refuse, mining slag, and metal particulate from a variety of recycling processes. Our reputation for increased productivity, high yield and high purity product recovery is respected and unmatched the world over. STEINERT are leaders in the field from their head office in Germany.

X-Ray Sorting Solutions for the Recovery of Diamonds and Precious Stones and Gems from STEINERT

Final Sorting of Rough Diamonds is now achievable with the XTS solution from STEINERT Global in Germany

The current kimberlite ore bodies where precious stones reside tend to be contaminated with waste rock materials. STIENERT Global aimed to implement efficient and cost effective waste rock sorting solutions to improve diamond recovery and prevent damage. This latest solution from STEINERT is based upon the reliable XXS T sorter. Used in the chain as the final detection and recovery solution, the STEINERT XTS produces high output without the traditional stone damage concerns. The XTS is the perfect final sorting solution for diamonds and precious stones.

Scrap Metal Recovery from Auto Shredder Residue with powerful magnetic overhead bridge and dry drum magnetic systems. Sort E-Waste and electronic scrap, Plastics such as PVC and PPE from household waste, perfect for Plastics recovery facilities.

STEINERT sensor and sorting solutions offer proven methods for recovering valuable metal and minerals components from auto shredder residue (ASR). Including scrap metal, tyres, iron, non-ferrous metals, plastic and glass. ASR recycling can be a demanding process, but STEINERT can help you recover value from waste up to 98% efficiency and purity with ease. Our offices in Germany are staffed by some of the leading technical experts in the field.

Primary Separation Technology - powerful permanent Suspension Magnets in dry drum and overhead bridge magnet arrays from STEINERT Germany.

STEINERT suspension magnets recover clean tramp iron from scrap metal which protects your downstream processing equipment from wear and tear. Our suspension magnets have been used in scrap metal and salvage operations globally for a number of decades to separate tramp iron and iron-bearing components.

STEINERT suspension magnets are suspended above conveyor belts and use powerful permanent, far-reaching magnetic fields to attract magnetic parts from the conveyor product stream.

Magnetic Separation Equipment and STEINERT Global

STEINERT Magnetic solutions come ready to handle a variety of applications, with Overhead suspension Magnets, Under belt suspension magnets, Wet Drum and Dry drum Magnetic separators, Permanent Magnets and Electro-Magnetic that make it easy to clean and recover ferrous minerals from Recycling waste. Magnetic Head Pulleys are used to draw out small pieces of tramp iron designed to protect your product stream processing equipment while recovering fine-grained iron.

STEINERT’s metal and magnetic separators remove Iron and tramp Iron from waste with precision, operating with proven efficiency in separating primary and secondary raw materials. Solutions are available for a number of applications in both permanent magnetic and electro-magnetic arrangements, to extract metals and minerals during scrap sorting processes.

Our magnetic and metal separators are widely used in the Auto Salvage, Plastics recovery facilities, Municipal Solid Waste and Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF) for the recycling, and resource industries.

The STEINERT Global Eddy Current Separator

The patented STEINERT Eddy Current Separator (NES) works using an eccentric pole system. It yields great quantities and has a long service life and eliminates the need for hand sorting. The separator is used to effectively separate from shredder material, aluminium recycling, slag, household and municipal waste, used foundry sand, glass, electronic scrap (WEEE), wood chips and batteries.

The STEINERT NES with Eccentric Pole System is adjustable and highly flexible for increased recovery, and can be used to recover non-ferrous metals from a variety of materials.

Induction Sorting with STEINERT Germany

Certain metallic components - like stainless steel, aluminium and composite materials - can’t always be recovered by ferrous metal sorting processes and magnetic separation. The STEINERT ISS solves this problem by measuring the materials’ electrical conductivity through an electromagnetic wave emission process, which detects each individual particle’s signal difference.

The ISS automatically recovers stainless steel, aluminium and any other metals and is ideally suited to the recycling of household domestic waste, shredder residue, wood chips, glass, electronic scrap and mould sand.

Plastics Recovery from Municipal Solid Waste and Household Waste with STEINERT Germany in 2016.

Value can be found in Household and Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). Aluminium, iron, paper and plastics, plastic bottles, copper and glass can be recovered for recycling purposes. Household and MSW is fast becoming a source of valuable raw material for industrialized countries. STEINERT’s recycling machinery delivers increased effectiveness in the extraction of sorted materials from municipal and household waste, offering proven Waste-to-Energy options.

STEINERT is the name synonymous with the most efficient household waste recycling machines in today's recycling industry.

STEINERT household waste recycling machines can sort plastics utilising sophisticated X-ray and Optical colour sensors, Near Infra-Red (NIR) Sensors and 3D Laser sensors which detect conductivity and surface properties of particles in the product stream.

When it comes to detecting Plastics, PVC, Plastic flake, PET and Plastic bottles in household waste based product streams, STEINERT have a range of specialised and sophisticated sensors that can be readily incorporated into your household waste recycling system.

STEINERT’s sensor sorting technology employs state-of-the-art sensor sorting systems utilising Optical (color), Induction, Laser (shape, refractions), Near Infrared, X-ray Fluorescence sensors - or a combination thereof – and X-ray transmission used to separate plastics from household and municipal waste product streams.

Sort and separate Plastics and plastic flake from PVC, PET and Plastic Bottles in household waste product streams in state-of-the-art Recycling Systems from STEINERT Germany.

The STEINERT XSS T is an x-ray sensor that is used to sort PVC from plastics, light metals from heavy metals, aluminium castings from wrought alloys and scrap wood from stone. It is also widely utilized in narrow vein mining applications the world over.

Alternatively, STEINERT’s sophisticated KSS system helps you find the right fit for your unique project requirements, working with a combination of 3D camera, color camera and induction sensor to sort by metal product quality or color and material density. Our sensor solutions ensure correct and profitable sorting each and every time.

All our sensor equipment can be combined in any combination to totally custom fit your Recycling system requirements - if you need it sorted STEINERT can assemble a solution for you from any combination of our cutting-edge machines.

Non-Ferrous material recovery with STEINERT's Eddy Current Separation systems and Induction current sorting systems. Made in Germany for use in the world.

Non-ferrous metal recovery is a highly important cost factor, indeed the economic basis of all recycling in todays modern world, and the STEINERT Eddy Current Separator is the perfect asset to help you gain revenue and get the most out of your recycled materials. Speak to one of our representatives in Germany today.

When it comes to recovering non-ferrous materials from Construction and Demolition scrap, Household waste and Municipal Solid Waste, valuable and Recyclable minerals such as Copper, Stainless Steel and Aluminium as well as Plastics, PVC and PET(plastic Bottles) can all be recovered with ease, eliminating the need for hand sorting. Working in concert with STEINERT's range of sophisticated sensor technology, their Eddy Current separators and Induction Current separators are high yield and high purity for maximum efficiency when sorting non ferrous material for recovery.

For example, utilising STEINERT's control panel, adjustable width parameters of particle flake in the product stream can be efficiently sorted to a high degree of accuracy recovering coarse grained Aluminium down to fine grained Aluminium flake, copper, or stainless steel.

The initial success of the very first STEINERT Fines ISS sensor sorters came from within the Auto Shredder Residue industry. But as of now, High copper content usually found in product streams from additional applications such as Electronic waste and E-Waste recovery processes have found a successful implementation of this technology seeing many gains in the fields of Waste To Energy (WTE), metal processing from bottom ash and plastic waste processing to clean up PET-Flakes.

Mineral and Metal recovery from Refuse Incineration Slag and Metallurgical Slag

STEINERT’s advanced sensor detection process allows you to reclaim valuable materials from metallurgical slag, automotive waste, household waste, electronic waste, scrap wood, incineration slag, demolition scrap, used foundry sand and scrap tyres.

STEINERT Magnetic Separation solutions with Suspension Magnets and Magnetic Wet Drum technology

STEINERT’s technology includes permanent and electromagnetic options that are manual cleaning or self-cleaning. Our Permanent Magnetic Wet Drum technology allows large-scale recovery of strong magnetic minerals. This solution is widely used in the mining industry. Our wet drum technology is successfully applied in the recovery of magnetite from iron ore and ferro-silicon and magnetite in a heavy media process.

STEINERT Overhead Suspension Magnets can protect your valuable equipment and recover clean iron scrap for recycling. Overhead Suspension Magnets use powerful magnetic fields to extract ferrous metals, and work up to a 3000mm belt width and 900mm suspension height. Our team will help determine the best suspension magnets for your needs through a thorough and informed evaluation.

Separating Iron and Metal Ores from Sand and Dust using High Grade Magnetic Separators and Wet Drum Magnetic Separating Solutions - STEINERT Germany lead the way with innovation

STEINERT offers high grade magnetic separation and wet drum magnetic separation solutions, including the STEINERT FinesMaster; a compact unit that is a two-stage magnetic separator (MRB) used to recover small iron particles and separate ferrous dirt.

STEINERT’s permanent magnet Wet Drum Separators (WDS) have also been benefiting businesses in the extraction of iron ore and heavy media for several decades. The WDS increases plant productivity and product purity by removing magnetic contamination from the product stream.

Contact STEINERT Germany for the Right Solution in 2016

STEINERT’s extensive product range has enhanced the operations of leading international mining and recycling projects for decades. We provide real processing solutions for the recycling, minerals and mining sectors.

Customer service and satisfaction are the benchmarks of our 125 years in business. Contact us for efficient, reliable products and service that will continue to serve you for years to come.

STEINERT sorting technology is not static. We are committed to offering excellent innovative solutions for both start-ups and multinational companies, right from product manufacturing to installation, save post-installation solutions. Let us collaborate with you to help you in achieving optimal output from your recycling, recovery and separation processes and considerably increase your company bottom line.

Wherever you are in the world...

STEINERT is the sensible choice wherever the need arises for intelligent separation and sorting solutions for the primary and secondary resource sectors - offering a wide portfolio of equipment for a range of industries throughout the Mining, Resource Recovery, Scrap, Waste and Recycling sectors.  

From traditional and trusted magnetic separation equipment, right through to innovative sensor sorting technologies, we help our customers achieve their goals with sustainable solutions.  Whether that is to improve profitability by raising yield, to reduce operating costs, or to improve product purity and even limit environmental impact from their operations - we understand the diverse needs and unique regional necessities which our customers have to deal with.

Based in Cologne for 126 years, and with around 300 employees worldwide, STEINERT provides a global network to support its customers with local contacts and local expertise.

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