Magnetic separation equipment, Sensor technology and specialised sensor solutions for scrap metal and auto shredder salvage, construction and demolition waste and waste to energy industries.

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STEINERT Global design and manufacture in Germany and globally distribute sophisticated technology and equipment solutions for sorting and separating valuable fraction from waste product streams.

Many scrap metals such as Iron and non-ferrous metals such as Aluminium, Copper, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Tin and Tungsten are trapped in resources that we cast away in massive quantities everyday. STEINERT Global deliver with high yield separation technologies.

STEINERT products are in constant use throughout scrap metal recovery, auto shredder salvage, resource recovery and recycling plant operations, for plastics recycling and electronic scrap recovery the world over. Many scrap metals can be sorted and separated from non metals such as plastic, wood, glass, stone and timber and then sold on to be recycled as scrap. Many plastics such as PVC and PET plastic Bottles, LPDE and Polystyrene are recyclable if recovered in sufficient quantities of high purity.

STEINERT equipment is highly relevant to today's industrialised world of recycling and the resource recovery industries, manufacturing and mining.

Sorting and separation processes serve to increase the value of a primary raw product by pre-sorting a mixed feed into component elements, whereupon secondary processing becomes more efficient as sensors can concentrate on an unmixed stream of similar composition, which facilitates grading into readily recyclable material.

STEINERT is a name associated with robust technology that operates optimally to high degrees of purity and throughput expertly down to increasingly fine fraction parts. Equipment from STEINERT has a global reputation for reliability, durability and customer service.

Magnetic Separation - a scrap metal recovery and auto shredder salvage industry staple

Used extensively for sorting and separating heavy and medium grade mixed media product in waste streams such as are commonly found in the Scrap Metal and Auto Shredder salvage industries. Magnetic drum separation equipment has been around for some time and is a trusted reliable piece of recycling - scrap metal recovery equipment, readily installed into any product stream. Magnetic drums function optimally and without maintenance for many years.

STEINERT Magnetic drums are robust and can be mounted above a product stream or underneath a conveyor belt, magnetic drums are a vital part of most primary sorting and separation processes in a recycling or recovery plant processing operations.

Many valuable materials are non or only weakly magnetic and therefore cannot be extracted using conventional magnetic equipment and technology. However, there are solutions that allow for detection of valuable non-ferrous metals such as Aluminium, Copper, Gold, Platinum, Tin, Tungsten, Silver and Stainless Steel. The very fact that these metals are non or only slightly magnetic facilitate their recovery from the mixed waste product stream as they are sensitive to variable magnetic fields.

Eddy Current separators generate shifting magnetic fields at the tail end of a product streams conveyor belt that lifts weakly magnetic substances up off the belt and into the path of air jet currents where they are gathered in hoppers.

STEINERT Eddy Current feature an operator tuneable eccentric pole system that expertly separates non ferrous metals down to fine grained fractions of a high degree of purity, preserving the value of recovered product.

Aluminium, Copper and Stainless Steel are common products recovered from waste in the scrap metal, auto shredder salvage, municipal waste recycling and electronic scrap recycling industries. Copper, Gold, Platinum and Silver are frequently recovered in sufficient quantity from electronic end-of-life waste, Iron, Copper and steel from construction and demolition waste.

Induction sensors, Near Infrared and X-Ray sensor sorting for separation and extraction of valuable materials in medium and fine grain mixed fraction waste recycling product streams.

STEINERT have methods of combining sensor technologies that allow them to custom tailor a solution to your sorting challenge by combining induction current sorting technology with Optical, colour, Near Infrared, X-Ray and 3D spatial recognition technology.

STEINERT make sophisticated sensor options utilising specialised camera technology incorporating optical, colour and 3D spatial and spectral recognition using (NIR) Near infrared and X-Ray technology both X-Ray transmission (XRT) and X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF).

STEINERT sensor sorting solutions have shown remarkable gains in productivity and profitability with increases in degrees of purity and product stream throughput working down to very fine grain fraction sorting.

X-Ray (XRT) technology has recently seen dramatic improvements with significant gains in recovering value from diamond and precious gemstone mining applications which allow for pre-concentration that allows recovery of large scale diamonds before secondary rock crushing takes place, devaluing the product stream by preserving their size and value in a securely sealed enclosure with the STIENERT XTS.

Unisort - specialised sensors for sorting hard to detect and very small plastic fraction from mixed media waste product streams - STEINERT Global exclusive products and solutions

Many plastics such as PVC and plastic bottles, PET, LDPE and Polystyrene can be made profitable and recyclable if gathered in sufficient quantities and to a sufficient degree of purity.

STEINERT Unisort have expert reporting systems that display relevant, operator configurable data on the product streams calorific value, composition and content on the product conveyor second by second.

This invaluable information makes it possible for operators to asses the value of the product stream in real time as the product stream passes the sensor array. Extreme levels of accuracy add value to recycling plastics and plastic processing plants by making the process substantially more efficient.

Improvements in optical and colour recognition utilising (NIR) Near infrared camera and XRT X-Ray Transmission equipment is now making it possible to detect previously undetectable black plastic, clear plastic film and reflective plastic packaging from mixed media waste streams bringing significant opportunity for increased profit from domestic, household, municipal waste recycling and automotive shredder and electronic shredder product feeds.

STEINERT Unisort specialised sensors can detect previously difficult to detect materials such as black plastic packaging, clear plastic film and reflective plastic film wrapping extensively present in domestic, household and municipal mixed media waste product streams.

Magnetic Separation and its application for industry in the recovery of Iron and Ferrous based mineral content in mixed media streams.

Magnetic separators have been around in the mining industry for some time and are trusted as reliable equipment components for sorting and separating heavy and medium grade mixed media product in waste streams.

Magnetic Drums are easy to install to your product stream, are reliable and operate relatively maintenance free and provide trouble free service for many years.

STEINERT Magnetic Separation devices are robust, used extensively in mining, to extract materials with high compositions of iron and ferrous based minerals. These strongly magnetic materials and minerals are often present in the mining of diamonds, gemstones, coal, silicon, magnetite based minerals and ores. Because magnetic separators are of proven worth when it comes to sorting heavy mixed media waste streams such as municipal waste, construction and demolition waste, they have found many uses in the electronic scrap recovery, scrap metal salvage and auto shredder feeds for the recovery of valuable recyclable materials.

STEINERT Premium customer service

With a Spare parts rotation program, fully trained and experience operators to service equipment and an enviable customer service record STEINERT are as invested in your investment as you are.

At STEINERT LABS all sensor sorting and separation solutions can be tested to match our clients product criteria to get the most efficient combination of sensors and sorting solutions that yield the finest purity of product possible.

STEINERT are expert manufacturers of Sensor, Sorting and Separation equipment with customer service which is second to none.