STEINERT Global are leading manufacturers of high quality salvage, recycling and recovery plant equipment for international mining plant, salvage plant operations and recycling companies.

Scrap Metal and Mineral separation solutions for Recycling, Salvage, Mining and Mineral recovery Plant equipment with maximum productivity ensuring the purity of the separated materials to better than 90%.

STEINERT create mining, recycling and salvage solutions and equipment with precision and quality. Our high-tech sensor detection and sorting processes help when sorting and reclaiming valuable resources from automotive waste, electronic waste, household waste, incineration slag, scrap wood, demolition scrap, used foundry sand, scrap tyres and metallurgical slag. Moreover, we stand as the best manufacture of mining equipments for iron ore, coal, sand and salt among other industrial minerals


STEINERT are global leaders in an international marketplace of specialist engineers manufacturing Heavy plant equipment for Mining, Scrap Metal recovery, Auto Shredding and resource recovery from Municipal and Domestic Waste operations, such as plastics and ferrous and non-ferrous metals – as well as mining metals and minerals.

STEINERT are a family business, now with global reach. Specialising in the creation of sorting, separation and tramp removal systems - STEINERT has over 125 years experience in creating recycling, scrap metal, salvage, mining metals and mineral recovery equipment for these industries.

Many of the products from our extensive range have been incorporated into leading resource recovery and mining projects around the world. And we don’t only provide off-the-shelf solutions. We enjoy the challenge of an opportunity to apply our knowledge and expertise to your project’s unique requirements. We have created customized systems in a variety of industries. Our systems don’t just get the job done, they get it done to the highest possible standards. We understand the importance of key performance indicators such as material yield and purity and these principles are at the core of all our solutions.

Traditional magnetic separation and innovative sensor sorting leading edge solutions in Resource Recovery

Whether it is to increase product yield, improve product quality, reduce operating costs or to boost process efficiency - STEINERT offers both traditional and innovative leading edge solutions.

Our magnetic separators, are primarily used in Mining, Recycling, Salvage and Resource Recovery industries, ensuring precise separation of primary and secondary materials.

We provide comprehensive services in customized design, application and commissioning for the sorting, separation and tramp removal systems in a variety of industries including mineral processing, household waste, automotive waste, scrap, e-scrap, incineration slag, scrap wood, demolition waste.

Eddy Current Separators and Induction Sorting solutions for Non-Ferrous metals and materials

STEINERT NES - our non-ferrous metal separator applications include compost, glass, paper processing and the recycling of WTE bottom ash for both maximum recovery of valuable metals and for metal-free products. It works by creating eddy currents in the non-ferrous metal parts, causing them to eject from the rest of the material flowing along the conveyor belt. The eddy currents are generated by an arrangement of rapidly rotating magnets in the head drum. The system is highly adjustable to allow the user to reach the maximum ejection efficiency.

STEINERT ISS Induction sorting system is the perfect solution to recover the non-ferrous metals not recovered by ECS electrontic current separator processing or magnetic separation. The ISS provides efficient and effective automated recovery of metals, stainless steel and any other metals, eliminating the need for hand picking. The primary applications for the ISS are shredder residue, electronic scrap, wood chips, glass, domestic waste, and mould sand.

Sophisticated sensors, Near Infra-red, 3D laser sensors facilitate Sorting Technology

Until the development of this cutting-edge sensor sorting technology, materials underwent time consuming analysis to distinguish them for sorting. Now, thanks to the innovative solutions manufactured by STEINERT, the process is fully automated, making it much quicker and more efficient. Sensor-based sorters have become standard technology in the scrap, waste and recycling, and mineral processing industries. View our range of available options from NIR, Induction, X-ray, 3D laser to varying combinations of these technologies.

X-Ray sensor sorting for Pre-concentration of Ores

X-Ray Transmission (XRT) is probably one of the most versatile types of sensors. The STEINERT XSS T (transmission) “sees” through the materials, recognising different material densities, components containing halogens, and organic components. Composite materials and internal adhesions are also detected.

Sensor Ore Sorting has been applied to pre-concentrate ores such as nickel, copper, tin and tungsten - and the nature of such ores offers the metallurgist a number of properties of the valuable mineral and the host minerals to achieve a separation assuming that some liberation occurs at coarse sizes.

We also offer sophisticated STEINERT KSS system, which allows you to find the right combination for your sorting project requirements. View our range of available options from NIR, Induction, X-ray, 3D laser.

Magnetic Tramp Removal systems to protect your processing equipment

Thousands of STEINERT suspension magnets are used throughout the mining and resources industries. We offer sustainable solutions which guarantee permanent advantages in the long run!

Choose from Permanent magnets, Electromagnets (oil-cooled or air-cooled), Self-cleaning, Stationary or manual cleaning.

Recover/remove product for the following sectors such as Mining, Bulk Materials Handling, Port Loading and Resource Recovery industries.

Eddy Current Separators and Induction sorting solutions for Resource Recovery of Auto Scrap Metal, Salvage and Waste Reclaim and Recycling industries.

Our resource recovery sorting solutions enable the recovery of valuable metals and minerals from Auto Shredder Residue, electronic scrap and in plastics recovery operations.

We offer a range of magnetic separation and sensor sorting solutions that can be combined to create a system that is perfectly matched to your business’ unique needs.

Our electric eddy current separators and induction sorting equipment eject non-ferrous metals and minerals from waste material, while our Fines - ASR Induction Sorting system is ideal for sorting fine graded particulate from Auto Scrap Shredding and waste Residue.

STEINERT equipment is to be found throughout the resource recovery industry – worldwide - providing innovative waste and recycling sorting and separation solutions to various global companies.

STEINERT’s also caters for the coal, mineral and ore sorting and separation solutions for the mining industry. We supply and maintain magnetic separation and sensor sorting equipment, enabling state-of-the-art recovery of valuable resources.

Here we'll take a more detailed look at how STEINERT equipment can help your business. We're always happy to discuss new projects; please contact your nearest office if you require any further information.

Customer Service At The Heart Of A Global Business

STEINERT have a trusted reputation in a global market for maintaining an outstanding customer service record.Our knowledge and expertise, combined with our first class service and support provides a product exchange program creating unbeatable customer relationships.

To help our customers get the most from their STEINERT products, we provide training and education programs offered through STEINERT University. Here, customers have the opportunity to learn the technical aspects of magnetic separation, sensing sorting and metals recovery procedures from the STEINERT Engineers themselves.

Customers are welcome to step into the STEINERT Lab and work with us to create a custom solution. Working with our engineers, you will have the opportunity to test solutions on STEINERT equipment using your own recovery criteria and procedures.

Contact your local STEINERT representative global leaders in resource recovery

STEINERT sorting technology is not static. We are committed to offering excellent innovative solutions for both start-ups and multinational companies, right from product manufacturing to installation, save post-installation solutions. Let us collaborate with you to help you in achieving optimal output from your recycling, recovery and separation processes and considerably increase your company bottom line.

Wherever you are in the world...

We provide innovative solutions for the separation of valuable materials, increasing customer profitability through higher recovery and reducing operational costs.

In the areas of treatment of secondary and primary raw materials, STEINERT operates in both the resource recovery and mining sectors. Here STEINERT is a global leader in consulting, manufacturing, installation and services in innovative sensor sorting and traditional magnetic separation technology.

Based in Cologne for 126 years, and with around 300 employees worldwide, STEINERT provides a global network to support its customers with local contacts and local expertise.

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