Quality control of substitute fuels with UNISORT online analysis

04 April 2014

UNISORT online analysis

The UNISORT Analyser as a base for efficient quality management for substitute fuels is used in conjunction with the UNISORT PR.  Increasingly, customers are demanding continuous real-time analysis of the materials being used in the production of solid recovered fuel (SRF).

Usually, in a laboratory, analysed samples only reflect the nature of the samples themselves. The analyses of the small test samples do normally not reflect the actual properties of the huge amount of produced solid recovered fuel and quality fluctuations. In addition, the analyses cannot be accessed and utilised within a short time of the samples being taken. The real-time analysis provided by the UNISORT Analyser offers a solution for continuous, real-time quality control using HSI technology.

The real-time analysis also detects and continually documents fluctuations in the quality of the SRF. The analysis technology uses near-infrared spectroscopy for material identification and compares it to a materials database for the statistical calculation algorithms. Parameters such as calorific value, PVC content and water content of the SRF are calculated in real time, based on statistical data, then transmitted to a plant control system as a trend value. Plant processes for the production of SRF can be influenced and controlled close to real time with the help of UNISORT online analysis.

The permanent and immediate storage of measurements continuously document the quality of the SRF. In this way, the online analysis becomes an important instrument for the quality control of solid recovered fuel.

Recording and storage of data (in conjunction with the UNISORT PR):

  •   - Calorific value in MJ/kg
  •   - PVC content in %
  •   - Chlorine content generated by PVC in %
  •   - Material composition in %
  •   - Water content in %
  •   - Belt load, plant utilisation
  •   - Valve statistics
  •   - Plant downtime