Sanwest - bringing STEINERT separation solutions to the West (Australia)

20 March 2014


Established in 1987 as Sanwest P/L, today the business Sanwest can be found on the outskirts of surfside Perth in WA.  In time, Sanwest has grown to be recognised as an efficient supplier of a range of equipment that is well suited to the Australian and global markets. STEINERT Australia (formerly Sturton-Gill Engineering) and Sanwest have forged a strong and long-standing relationship over many years.  Together they have been able to provide many mining/industrial projects with heavy duty magnetic sorting and separation solutions – covering a diverse range of industries such as:- mineral processing, mining, material handling, quarry, recycling  and many more.

Sanwest’s Managing Director, Stuart Page says, “Sanwest has enjoyed a very strong and successful business association with STEINERT and we have an abundance of confidence in STEINERT to offer and size the correct magnet for every application. As an agency business, this makes our job very easy”.

Sanwest is a company with a clear focus on customer service. Not only do they have an in-depth understanding of STEINERT products, but combined that with an understanding of clients’ needs. They aim to reply to every piece of correspondence within 30 minutes -that is standard Sanwest customer service! A testament to this policy would be the fact that Sanwest is a majority repeat business. Customers range from globally recognised major mining companies, right through to lone person operations. Sanwest are in an enviable position to be able to tailor a product and service suite - to cater for all needs.

The traditional STEINERT product mix Sanwest showcase are:- MagnetsTramp Metal Magnets, and Metal Detectors.  On the west coast of Australia, Sanwest works very closely with end users, engineering companies, original equipment manufacturers, and agents - and so they are well versed to handle any enquiry within STEINERT’s product range for a myriad of applications.

STEINERT is a specialist in delivering separation technologies for the removal of damaging contaminants.  As a leader in several global markets, and offers an unrivalled and extensive product range to enhance the operations of Australia’s leading local and international mining and recycling projects. STEINERT provides comprehensive services in customised design, application and commissioning of ore sorting, beneficiation and tramp removal systems to increase product yield, improve concentrate quality, to reduce operating costs and to boost process efficiencies.

STEINERT Australia’s Managing Director, David Armstrong appreciates the significant value addition Sanwest’s association brings to the STEINERT Group, “We are especially appreciative of Sanwest’s contribution within the strategically important area of WA mining activities with conventional mining equipment. My hope is that together with Stuart, we can see the introduction of our new technologies into this market.”

STEINERT competitive advantage – sensor sorting capabilities

STEINERT’s variety of innovative technologies now also allows mineral processing facilities the opportunities to merge information from any combination of sensors and in doing so, gather more data about the particles than a single sensor can.  For example, by combining an XRT sensor’s signal with that of a 3D laser scanner, particles can be separated from one another based on both density and the rate of refraction of light within a particular mineral. Call us today to find out more!