We're backed by over 125 years experience


What started back in 1889 in Cologne, Germany, with a lot of courage and pioneering spirit, has today evolved into a specialised company whose expertise is much in demand all around the world. Now, as it did back then, STEINERT benefits from the advantages of a family-owned business: stability, respectability, continuity, and flexibility. Since 1931, STEINERT has not only been backed by the Buchholz family, but by an entire company group.

The individual companies operate in different markets: STEINERT and RTT STEINERT develop innovative separation technologies, while Anofol - a division of STEINERT - have gained an excellent reputation in the area of metal surface finishing and electronic industry.

All in all, a long-term diversification strategy that allows us to bundle our development know-how and utilise synergies....to your benefit.

What makes the STEINERT Group...