Application Example: Demolition Scrap

General Description

  • Very heterogeneous
  • Often composites with other materials (e.g. plastic, metal, wood)
  • Usually prepared at the construction site in mobile grinding and screening units
  • Naturally high mineral content
  • High-wear

Requirements for Separation

  • Requirement for use as a construction material: metal-free and non-organic (i.e. does not contain plastic, wood, or other biologically active substances)
  • Recovery of PVC-free plastics (for manufacturing mixed plastics) and wood as refuse derived fuel

STEINERT Solutions for Demolition Scrap:

STEINERT ISS (Induction sorting system) for recovering stainless steel and residual metals (especially from composites) from non-ferrous metal separator scrap and eliminating the need for conventional manual sorting.

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STEINERT NES (Non-ferrous metal separator) for sorting the increasing share of non-ferrous metals: aluminium and copper

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UniSort NIR sorting system for separating plastics (particularly those made of demolition material such as cladding, floors, installations)

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STEINERT UME (Suspension magnet) for separating iron

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STEINERT XSS (X-ray sorting system) for sorting non-ferrous metal products into light fraction (particularly aluminium) and heavy fraction (copper), as well as for recovering copper "meatballs" using x-ray fluorescence, in order to reduce the copper content in the output of the magnetic drum (steel scrap)

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