Application Example: Household Waste

General Description

  • Very heterogeneous and moist
  • Different grain sizes and shapes
  • Greatly varying compositions depending on the season and catchment area

Requirements for Separation

  • Single sort recovery of metals (particularly non-ferrous metals, aluminium, copper, stainless steel, FE) to the greatest extent possible
  • High purity when sorting plastics (especially PET)
  • Separation of PVC for potential RDF manufacturing

STEINERT Solutions for Household Waste:

STEINERT ISS (Induction sorting system) for separating residual metals and metal composites generated during the production of refuse derived fuels

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STEINERT NES (Non-ferrous metal separator) for sorting the increasing share of non-ferrous metals: aluminium and copper

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UniSort NIR sorting system for separating beverage cartons and single-type plastics

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STEINERT UME (Suspension magnet) for separating coarse iron

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STEINERT XSS (X-ray sorting system) for separating minerals, such as broken glass, ceramic

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