Application Example: Auto Shredder Residue (ASR)

General Description

  • Treatment of old cars and "white goods"
  • Increasingly higher content of different materials: iron (~70%), plastic (~15%), non-ferrous metal (~8%), glass and others (~7%)
  • Recycling processes are becoming more and more sophisticated, demanding and complex

Requirements for Separation

  • Recovery of clean, low-copper steel
  • Output of clean non-ferrous metals as mixed metals (single sort aluminium and copper as well, depending on the region)
  • Separation of stainless steel without contaminants (also sorted by stainless steel quality upon request)

STEINERT Solutions for Shredder:

STEINERT KSS (Combination sensor sorting) uses shape recognition for better recovery of, e.g., ICW, batteries, airbags, etc.

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STEINERT Finesmaster: For processing fine-grained shredder light fraction and recovering very clean iron and non-ferrous metal grains smaller than 10 mm

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STEINERT ISS (Induction sorting system) for recovering stainless steel and residual metals (especially from composites) from non-ferrous metal separator scrap and eliminating the need for conventional manual sorting

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STEINERT MTE (Magnetic drum) For recovering steel scrap

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STEINERT MTP (MagnetDrum) for separating fine-grained iron

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STEINERT NES (Non-ferrous metal separator) for sorting the increasing share of non-ferrous metals: aluminium and copper

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STEINERT XSS (X-Ray Sorting System) for sorting non-ferrous metal products into light fraction (particularly aluminium) and heavy fraction (copper), as well as for recovering copper "meatballs" using X-ray fluorescence, in order to reduce the copper content in the output of the magnetic drum (steel scrap)

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