Together we’re there for you as a full-range supplier

In 2009, STEINERT Elektromagnetbau GmbH extended its product portfolio to include optical sorting systems based on colour and NIR by taking a stake in RTT Systemtechnik in Zittau. The newly established company was incorporated under the name RTT STEINERT GmbH.

Since then, both companies have grown together on the various structural and organizational levels, so that STEINERT is rightly present in the market as a full-range supplier—a fact which is underlined by the familiar high-level customer service in the areas of sales, commissioning and service. The customers have accepted this benefit with great enthusiasm, and have made extensive use of it.

Around 25 employees at the Zittau location have been working with a special focus on near-infrared technology for plastic and paper separation and on other forms of sensor-supported separation since 1998. Since the merger, the activities have been coordinated and compared, in particular in the field of technology. The employees in Zittau are supported by the Sales and Service of STEINERT Elektromagnetbau GmbH in Cologne.