STEINERT BR Magnetic Head Pulleys

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Recover a high rate of fine-grained iron while protecting your valuable processing equipment from wear and damage with STEINERT BR Magnetic Head Pulleys.  Our pulleys deliver the easiest and most efficient method of attracting smaller pieces of tramp iron from bulk materials while eliminating the need to make extensive modifications to your plant.

The STEINERT BR Magnetic Head Pulleys use neodymium permanent magnets which can reclaim magnetically weak and extremely small particles, including stainless steel or ferrous foam, in shredder material.  The higher belt speed levels improve the efficiency of the material separation, while the STEINERT-pioneered axial pole designs ensures a constant magnetic field over the entire working width.  The radial pole system yields a high iron recovery rate and cleanup is easy.

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Belt speed: 1.1m/s
Working width: 30mm - 200mm
Diameter: 24mm - 64mm