STEINERT FinesMaster

Increase revenue by processing fine-grain material with the STEINERT FinesMaster.  This compact unit completes two processes:  its magnetic separator (MRB) recovers small iron particles and separates out ferrous dirt, then a high-frequency eddy current (NES) recovers fine non-ferrous metal.   

With more than 3,500 units sold worldwide, the FinesMaster gives you a higher yield with fine-grain materials over just using an eddy current.  Working with a material range of 1-25mm (1/25 to 1 inch), the high belt speed spreads the material and ensures increased removal of waste and low metal losses, and the unit’s multiple adjustments make it adaptable to changing material properties based on market needs or processing requirements.

STEINERT FinesMaster extracts fine iron and fine-grain non-ferrous metals in a single, compact unit, without the need to add any interfaces, installations or control equipment.  Create an additional revenue stream with a ready-to-sell non-ferrous product.

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Grain size: 1mm - 25mm
Sizes: 1m, 1.5m and 2m