STEINERT HGF High Gradient Magnetic Filter

For separating ultra-fine-grained magnetic particles from liquids, the STEINERT HGF High Gradient Magnetic Filter has a very high extraction rate when operated properly.  Equipped with a permanent magnet that can be activated and deactivated, it works on particles smaller than 10µm. Ultra-high magnetic field gradients magnetize a wire matrix which reliably captures small iron particles, depositing them on the wires, followed by a flush that cleans the filter matrix in a matter of seconds. 

STEINERT HGF is perfect for the treatment of degreasing liquids and baths in the steel industry.

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Function: Separation of ultra fine-grained particles from liquids
Grain size: 0.5 - 1μm (separation efficiency > 90%)
Overall sizes: 50, 100 und 200cm filter matrix length