STEINERT HGS High Gradient Magnetic Separator

Ideal for sorting free-flowing bulk materials from fine-grained particles, the STEINERT HGS High Gradient Magnetic Separator is often used in the salt processing, building materials and industrial minerals industries.

Consisting of a short conveyor belt equipped with a permanent magnet disk system in its head drum, the STEINERT HGS has powerful neodymium iron boron magnets which allow it to separate even weak magnetic mineral components.  The magnet and steel disks are arranged in an alternating pattern and can generate far-reaching magnetic fields, enabling an adjustment of the desired field gradients to the respective application. 

The unit has quick clamp devices, precise belt guiding and field strengths greater than 22,000 gauss, and can sort in the fine-grained particle size range from 200μm up to several millimeters.

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Function: Separation of weakly magnetisable materials
Grain Size: 0.2 – 2mm
Working width: 0.5 – 2m