STEINERT MT Magnetic Drum

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Protect your equipment from damage by tramp iron and yield clean ferrous product and clean bulk materials with STEINERT’s MT Magnetic Drum.

Processing material from shredders, municipal scrap, electronic scrap, incinerator ash, steel mill slag, mining, aggregates and wood processing takes a tremendous toll on equipment.  STEINERT has designed stronger drum shells, side plates, torque arms and wear covers to compliment the increased capability of these severe duty drums.

STEINERT MT drums are more reliable than competition because of strength and longevity of our ANOFOL coils – designed to last 5 years to the competition’s one year.  By dissipating heat faster, STEINERT drums remain stronger longer during extended operation periods.

STEINERT MT Magnetic Drums are available in electromagnetic, permanent and hybrid versions for different material processing needs.  We have several options depending on materials being sorted and your business requirements:

Axial Pole
The MT with axial pole design generates a far-reaching and strong field to ensure reliable separation of small pieces of scrap metal. 

Radial Pole
The STEINERT MT with the radial pole system efficiently removes iron particles from bulk material.

Hybrid Magnetic Drum
HYBRID Drum® is a registered trademark of STEINERT and is the combination of our strong electromagnetic ANOFOL coils and permanent magnets, which combined boosts materials processing efficiency and scrap iron recovery.

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Function: Separation of iron and magnetic minerals
Grain size: 1 – 250mm
Overall size: Diameter = 400 – 1800mm, Working width = 400 – 3400mm

STEINERT MT Magnetic Drum