STEINERT NES Non-Ferrous Metal Separator/Eddy Current

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There is a reason 65% of eddy currents used today in the scrap industry are STEINERT:  higher yield and longer life than its competitors. 

Wherever non-ferrous metals have to be recovered or separated - shredder material, municipal waste, WTE bottom ash, electronic scrap, wood chips or glass – STEINERT eddy currents can do the job.  We pioneered and are now the leading manufacturer of the eccentric pole system, which allows for maximum ejection efficiency.  Residual ferrous metals cannot adhere to the head drum, reducing wear on the belt and self-cleaning drum shell to an absolute minimum, saving operating costs and downtime.

STEINERT eddy currents have more magnets than the competition, with pre-programmed options making the sorting of many different types of material easy.  The variable belt speeds allow for adjustments depending on material type and size, making our eddy currents one of the most adaptable pieces of equipment you can own.

All STEINERT eddy currents have a standard 24-month warranty.

Separating coarse-grained aluminum?  Check out our CanMaster.

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Function: Ejection of non-ferrous metals
Grain size: 1 – 200mm
Overall size: Diameter of pole drum = 500, 610mm, Working width = 500 – 2500mm