STEINERT Overhead Suspension Magnets

STEINERT US now offering extended 24-month warranty from date of delivery on UME/UMPs.  Learn more.

Recover clean iron scrap while protecting grinders, mills and other processing equipment with STEINERT Overhead Suspension Magnets.  Suspended above the conveyor belt, the magnets are strong enough to pull ferrous metal out of material on a 3 meter belt at almost a meter suspension height (900mm).

Coils in the average suspension magnet last a year, but STEINERT coils are built to last 5 years.  The dense coil design with aluminum strips provide efficient and constant cooling without oil, removing any oil disposal or maintenance.  When coils stay cooler, it means they keep their strength while in use, and there is less overall heat-related damage. Additionally, STEINERT Overhead Suspension Magnets have adjustable voltage and current settings, providing energy cost savings.

STEINERT offers both permanent and electromagnetic options, self-cleaning or manual cleaning, and we even have mobile solutions depending on your needs. 

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Function: Separation of iron
Grain size: 10 – 300 mm
Cut height: up to 1 m
Working width: 500 – 3000 mm

STEINERT Suspension Magnet Technology