The applications of Magnetic Separation and its importance to Auto Shredder Residue, Scrap Metal Salvage and Electronic scrap recovery operations.

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Magnetic Separation equipment for the recovery of heavy and coarse grade Iron and Ferrous based mineral content from mixed media streams is led by Steinert Global

Magnetic Separators are used extensively to extract metals with high compositions of iron and ferrous based metals present in recycling waste streams. Iron and Ferrous based metals tend to be strongly magnetic and are often present in heavy mixed media waste streams such as those found in scrap metal salvage, auto shredder feeds and commercial and domestic municipal solid waste recovery operations.

This makes magnetic separators fundamental to any primary sorting and separation processes.

Magnetic Separators protect more sensitive downstream sorting and separation equipment from wear-and-tear by removing heavy and coarse grade mineral ores from the crusher feed. This provides opportunity for pre-concentration and higher recovery rates from otherwise waste material as well as protecting your investment from servicing of downstream equipment.

Magnetic separators are flexible in that they can be mounted in a variety of configurations they are robust, have a long working life and are easily installed to existing product streams.

STEINERT Magnetic drums, magnetic bridges and electro-magnetic wet drum separators are available for mounting above or below a product conveyor and efficiently remove harmful tramp iron, gangue, copper metaballs and zorba from mixed media product streams.

Magnetic Wet Drum separation and High Gradient Magnetic Filtering in heavy metal recycling equipment and waste to energy and substitute fuel processes.

Where dust levels are a consideration in working environments, Electro-magnetic separators - Wet magnetic Drum and Dry magnetic drum configurations are available. Wetting the product stream to reduce incidence of air-born particles converts the product stream into a metal and mineral rich sludge of very fine grain crushed rock, metallic shavings and sand grade particles of valuable recyclable material.

STEINERT Magnetic Wet Drum solutions often work in concert with high gradient magnetic filters and magnetic screens like the STEINERT HGF and HGS, capable of recovering even the finest recyclable particles from waste streams, sludge and mineral rich slurry. Metals are conveniently recovered by simply shutting down the power which powers the powerful electromagnets, the valuable metals and minerals simply fall off into hoppers.

Wet Drum magnetic separation really comes into it’s own in waste to energy and alternative fuels applications to recycle small metal fractions present in incinerator bottom ash.

Magnetic separation techniques are not new, they are trusted not only because they remove tramp iron, gangue, zorba metals including copper present in meatballs, they are trusted because they are reliable and have very low maintenance characteristics. STEINERT have a range of Magnetic bridge, suspension drums and underbelt mountable magnetic drums that integrate easily with existing waste processing streams.

Electro-magnetic separators - Eddy Current separators and Induction current sorting methods for recovering non-ferrous metals from recyclable streams of waste material.

Many non-ferrous based scrap metals are only weakly magnetic but can still be recovered using Induction and Eddy current Separators, metals of this type are collectively known as Zorba and contain much potential for wealth from recycling.

Induction currents are generated by high gradient magnetic fields which cause weakly magnetic particles to be lifted above the product stream, caught up in the magnetic field. They are then fired upon by jets of compressed air propelling them into hoppers for collection.

Similarly, Eddy currents are magnetic fields given a rotation, the spinning magnetic vortex affects weakly magnetic particles causing them to be elevated above the conveyor belt, and recovered using compressed air jets for collection in bins and hoppers for secondary recovery processes.

Master Series, Expert recovery of Stainless Steel, Iron and Aluminium fraction from recycling waste streams.

The STEINERT Master Series has been developed for specialised tasks and satisfies the highest economic and technical standards.

STEINERT SteelMaster, when it comes to Auto and scrap metal shredding, recovery of heavy media steel separating, you can’t beat STEINERTs SteelMaster. Parsing the iron fraction from copper material as is present in `meatballs`, the iron cores of copper wound electrical transformers, STEINERT SteelMaster refines to unparralled levels of purity and efficiency at a fraction of the cost involved with other more energy intensive methods of separation.

Working as a batch fed solution, STEINERT SteelMaster can be readily installed to existing inline scrap metal processing streams with working widths of industry standard. The STEINERT SteelMaster assures unrivalled performance for the auto shredder and scrap metal recovery industries as well as stainless steel recycling facilities and electronic scrap recovery operations.

STEINERT CanMaster for expert separation and sorting of Aluminium from waste material.

If you need to separate coarse grain Aluminium from municipal solid waste streams, electronic scrap and end of life electronics the STEINERT CanMaster is one of the best entry level sorting and separation solutions available.

Powerful magnetic fields are generated in the magnetic drum beneath the belt creating fluctuations in the magnetic field, eddies and currents cause Aluminium particles to lift from off the conveyor where they are caught and ejected into hoppers for collection. High purity and clean Aluminium product is ensured by a sophisticated eccentric pole system which ensures a high degree of accuracy in separation, easy maintenance and extreme durability.

STEINERT CanMaster represents one of the best ways to get your product stream sorted and separated into profit from waste.

The STEINERT FinesMaster is expert in the art of separating metals from non-metals, both ferrous based strongly magnetic fraction and non-ferrous weakly magnetic fraction can be efficiently sorted and separated in a compact integrated system of time tested and industry proven components.

Developed for specialised tasks that satisfy the highest industry economic and technical standards, the STEINERT FinesMaster extracts fine fraction iron, ferrous and nonferrous metals in a single, economic and compact unit.

With extensive application for sorting crushed rock and fine fraction in Mining and Mobile Mining operations to Construction and Demolition waste and resource recovery plants. The STEINERT FinesMaster efficiently sorts and separates fine fraction mixed media streams down to 1mm with stunning accuracy yield and purity due to the use of a two stage magnetic separation process which recovers ferrous fraction and slightly magnetic sand and soil before the adjustable eccentric pole system recovers the non-ferrous metal particles from the waste stream.