STEINERT Fines ISS Induction Sorting System

For sorting fines metal products smaller than 3/8-inch, the STEINERT Fines ISS with Argos C technology was developed to meet the demands for sorting fines metal products smaller than 10mm (3/8”). The Argos C inductive sensor offers sensitivity readings to allow for even the smallest pieces, providing conductive imaging, enhancing the accuracy of the separation by providing more detailed information on each particle.

The STEINERT Fines ISS also uses a bullet-type valve bar for extremely accurate firing to minimize the consumption of compressed air, a major factor in operating costs for sensor sorters.  More accurate firing means increased purity of the generated metal product and less unwanted carryover of non-metallic contaminants. 

Originally developed for the Auto-Shredder Residue (ASR) industry to recover small copper particles, the STEINERT Fines ISS are now implemented in Waste to Energy (WTE) metal process from bottom ash as well as plastic waste processing to clean up PET flakes.

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Send rate: 1.000 Hz
Belt speed: 2.8 m/s
Working width: 1 m, 2 m
Particle size range: 4 - 20 mm (~ 1/6“ - 4/5“)