STEINERT KSS Combined Sorting System

Using 3 different sensors to identify and sort material, the STEINERT KSS uses sophisticated technology that can be “taught” to sort a range of items.  Sort by metal product quality, material density or color, the unit adapts to changing market and processing needs by allowing any combination of the color camera, 3D camera and induction sensor into one independent solution.

The KSS has one control cabinet with more sensors than our competition, providing more feedback about the material processed.  The 3D cameras are more accurate and will not miss dark colors or bare wires, recovering more material.

All KSS software upgrades are FREE over the course of the life of the equipment, and the base model and be upgraded and expanded as requirements change, making it one of STEINERT’s most versatile machines.  It’s as flexible as handpicking, but faster and more accurate!

STEINERT KSS systems are equipped with active valve control for a reduction in compressed air consumption versus standard air ejection systems.  The required air blast pressure and number of controlled compressed-air valves can be optimally adjusted for the materials being sorted.  The nozzle bar is extremely precise thanks to its grid of nozzle pairs spaced at 12.5mm intervals.

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Belt speed: 2.8m/s
Particle size: 15mm - 300mm
Machine widths: 1m, 2m and 3m