STEINERT XSS X-Ray Sorting System

What's the Real Value of Sensor-Based Sorting?

STEINERT XSS combines the power of x-ray technology with STEINERT’s reliable system design to identify and separate material based on its elemental composition or material density.  Every individual particle in the material flow is recognized and classified, increasing the range of possibilities for sorting mixed materials.  Our X-ray source is built to last 5 years and is flexible enough to handle plastic, wood, or coal among other mixed materials, offering specific equipment packages for both the mining and scrap industries.

XSS Options Available: 

The STEINERT XSS T (transmission) system uses x-ray transmission technology to recognize different material densities, components containing halogens and organic components.  Composite materials as well as internal adhesions are also detected.  This allows light metals to be sorted from heavy metals, or PVC from plastics, scrap wood from stone, aluminum castings from wrought alloys, and ore-bearing mineral blocks from country rock. 

The long, fast-running belt ensures that the particles are singulated and homogeneously distributed. While they pass the x-ray source and camera, they are recognized and classified in a fraction of a second according to pre-set criteria programmed in the flexible system software. 

If classification matches the previously defined criteria, the particle is ejected by a powerful blast of compressed air out of reliable, fast-action compressed air valves.

The STEINERT XSS F (fluorescence) system uses x-ray fluorescence to differentiate alloys, metals and ores based on their surfaces and elemental composition.  It is perfect for removing copper “meatballs” from mixed materials and sorting heavies like stainless based on chemical composition.

Processed material is run through a low-energy x-ray field where each element emits a specific energy in reaction to the x-ray impact.  Based on the specific energy emitted by the material, the software assigns an elemental profile enabling an accurate separation based upon  composition.

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Function: Uses a “Dual Energy” system to determine material density while overcoming the effects of thickness and shape
Grain size: 10 – 200mm
Working width: 1000 – 2000mm

STEINERT X-Ray Sorting System