UniSort® Analyser


STEINERT’s UniSort® Analyzer provides continuous real-time analysis of the materials being used in the production of substitute fuels (SF) for thermal recovery, creating an important instrument for quality control. Perfect for RDFs that sell product direct, it is easily added or combined with a sorter.

Currently many common sampling methods and subsequent analyses used in practice in today’s laboratories have very high costs.  The analyzed samples may only reflect the nature of the samples themselves and the results cannot be accessed and utilized within a short time of the samples being taken.  Analysis provided by the STEINERT UniSort Analyzer offers a solution for continuous, real-time quality control using HSI technology.

Continuous, real-time quality control using HSI technology


The permanent and immediate storage of scaled measurement continuously documents the quality of the substitute fuel.  The analysis technology uses near-infrared spectroscopy for material identification and compares it to a materials database for the statistical calculation algorithms. The unit records and stores data such as:

  • Calorific value in MJ/kg
  • PVC content in %
  • Material composition in %
  • Water content in %
  • Belt load, plant utilization
  • Valve statistics
  • Plant downtime

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