UniSort® Film

The UniSort Film sensor sorter is the newest innovation from STEINERT.  With the ability to efficiently and accurately sort paper, plastic film and bags, the UniSort Film helps you reach an untapped market by sorting material that would normally end up in landfills.

Efficient sorting of paper & plastic film

The challenge for sorting lightweight plastics and paper is the flyaway nature of the material.  STEINERT addresses this challenge with its state-of-the-art Active Object Control (AOC) System.  The AOC is a stabilizing system which controls the way the material is sent through the equipment for sorting, keeping material from getting trapped in the machinery and causing damage.  Using air injection at the beginning of the process allows the material to be spread out before it reaches the belt, resulting in higher purity and recovery of the end product.

The UniSort Film also has up to three times higher belt speed in comparison to standard settings, providing higher throughput with better sorting results.  Additionally, the UniSort Film’s closed-air system produces no discharge of dust, mold or other waste contaminants.

Equipped with ultra-modern HSI (Hyper Spectral Imaging) camera technology, the UniSort Film ensures an exceptionally high degree of flexibility and future usability.

Automatic sorting of the film fractions with significantly higher throughput rate and substantially improved sorting results compared to standard machines not equipped with AOC. UniSort Film opens the door to sorting functions previously unavailable with standard technology.

Material that can be sorted

• Paper
• Conventional PVC film
• Bio-based film
• Biodegradable film
• Agricultural film

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