UniSort® Flake - NIR or Color Sorting

Specifically designed for the complex task of sorting fine-grained materials, the STEINERT UniSort® Flake reliably separates plastics, metals or minerals according to material type and colors.  Using NIR or color sorting, the unit is adaptable for the widest range of materials to be sorted, with an easy-to-use touchscreen for simplest operation.

With a higher resolution than the competition, the UniSort Flake is belt-fed, resulting in more accurate sorting and a better oversort ratio.  Competitive machines have a 1:1 win/lose ratio, but the UniSort recovers at a rate of 5:1, making it the best flake sorter on the market right now.

Sort fine-grained materials


A demanding application which requires both high purity and high throughput, the material to be sorted is evenly accelerated to a speed of more than 3 m/s by the belt. The material passes the recognition plane and is classified independently of its material properties (using NIR or color) before being precisely separated by the high-speed valve strip.

The system provides flexible setting of sorting parameters and provides real-time, comprehensive statistics of materials being sorted.  With its compact construction, it can be easily inserted into current sorting processes or added at the end of a processing line.

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UniSort for Fine Metals