UniSort® PR with HSI technology

The new generation of UniSort® equipment is based on the latest NIR camera technology – Hyper Spectral Imaging (HSI), which has the sophisticated combination of extremely high spatial and spectral resolution.  The HSI technology can measure more points on the spectra, making it more accurate, with higher purity and more clarity on the information collected as material is processed.  Additionally, HSI requires less light intensity and less calibration.


With excellent throughput, the high-resolution NIR camera technology is suitable for an extremely wide range of applications. Whether it’s sorting packaging, substitute fuels or plastics from electronic scrap (e-scrap), the new system offers the right solution. In addition to special routines for image processing, a wide range of nozzle powers are also available, enabling optimal matching to the material to be sorted.

Coming in 4 different sizes – 1m, 4m, 2m and 2.8 m, the competitively priced UniSort PR is requires minimal maintenance, offers a small footprint and has an easy-to-operate touchscreen.

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