Sensors Sorting and Magnetic Dry Drum Separation Equipment for today`s complex Resource Recovery Solutions

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Steinert Global USA specialise in Magnetic Separation & Sensor Sorting Solutions for Scrap Metal, Plastics Recycling and the Resource Recovery industry sectors of North America and the United States.

STEINERT USA are recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of Heavy Media magnetic separators, sensing and sorting equipment and solutions for the Plastics Recycling, Scrap Metal Recovery, mineral ore and Mining industries.

With installations in many of the world`s largest Recycling and Material Recovery operations, scrap metal salvage, including municipal solid waste processing facilities, plastic recovery facilities, electronic waste separation plants, mineral and ore sorting plants. STEINERT are a company of Global standing.

STEINERT equipment is well known for its robust reliability and with extensive customer service agreements and a spare part exchange program we will see your investment in good working order for many years.

STEINERT are renowned for customer satisfaction and helpful customer service. With our Technical, after-sales support, rotor exchange programs and equipment spare parts, STEINERT ensure that your investment will remain profitable to you for many years.

At STEINERT LABS, we offer test and training facilities where customers you can demonstrate, test and tune our equipment specifically for their product stream and see the results before committing.

STEINERT present : Mobile Diamond and Gemstone Mining Operation Equipment, Sensor and Sorting Solutions that can extract diamonds, gemstones and minerals from waste rock streams which can be transported anywhere.

STEINERT sensor sorting and separation solutions show significant gains from diamond and gemstone mining operations and represent an unparalleled solution to your mining operation requirements. Allowing for recovery of large sized diamonds and precious gemstones before primary stage rock crushing takes place.

STEINERT Mobile Mining equipment solutions come in 3 x 40 foot shipping containers ready for assembly by our professionally trained support staff. The Mobile units contain all the Conveyor feeds, Hopper Outlets, Compressed Air ejection units, Optional Self Powering power supplies, Air-conditioning and 1 metre Ore Sorting unit with 2 Sensor units.

For mobile Mining and Sorting solutions that need to be located in remote areas you really can’t do better than STEINERT Mobile Mining Solutions.

Sort and Separate Auto Shredder Residue and Scrap Metal Recovery with state of the art Scrap Metal Salvage Equipment

All mixed media product streams can now be detected with STEINERT sensors, sorted and recovered efficiently to high degrees of purity making scrap metal recovery a very profitable endeavour.

Iron and non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, tin and tungsten can be separated from glass, wood, paper and plastics. The value of this level of separation cannot be underestimated for Auto Shredder residue in scrap metal and salvage operations.

Scrap metal recovery techniques for heavily mixed media streams of automotive scrap, electronic scrap, construction and demolition waste.

STEINERT have been developing a special array of very powerful permanent magnets featured in the STEINERT MP magnetic bridges for the removal of heavy media scrap metal applications. The STEINERT MP has shown strong results for the removal of tramp iron from auto shredder residue streams. The overhead and underband MP magnetic bridge units are conveniently mounted overbelt or under the conveyor stream and are transportable anywhere, part of STEINERT`s new developments in mobile mining and scrap metal recovery equipment, application and solutions.

In today`s industrialised world many important and valuable minerals and non-renewable resources reside in what the great cities of America reject. Recovering resources from waste is a booming and profitable industry.

Sensor, Sorting and Separation Equipment for Scrap and Waste Recycling and Resource Recovery Applications.

Resource Recovery is one of the most topical and fastest growing industrial sectors in the world today, with opportunity for healthy profits from healthy, planet friendly waste recycling techniques.

Many types of Plastic can be sorted and recovered for recycling, including PVC and PET, which are relatively cheap to recycle if they can be recovered in sufficient quantity at sufficient levels of purity.

STEINERT specialize in sorting plastic product and plastic packaging from recyclable waste material streams, utilizing sensors such as X-Ray and NIR Near Infra-Red optical color sensors. Previously hard to detect clear plastic film and black plastic packaging can now be recovered efficiently making the business of recycling more profitable for many.

Scrap Metal, Construction and Demolition waste and Electronic scrap contain many valuable minerals and materials with a high value when converted into recycled products. All metals, paper, wood, glass, mineral and plastics can be sensed, detected, sorted and separated from heavily mixed media product streams using sophisticated yet reliable methods that bring profit from waste product.

Profitable recyclable materials recovered from Construction & Demolition Waste in the USA

Demolition and construction waste is one of the most heavily mixed media product streams in the recycling industry. STEINERT technology can efficiently sort and separate iron, copper, aluminium, glass, metals, wood, plastic or paper from construction and demolition waste.

Using sophisticated sensors that can detect colour, material density, magnetic and metallic properties as well as x-ray and near infra red (NIR). STEINERT`s range of equipment can sort your sorting problems and separate the waste from profitable recyclable material in your product stream – putting you in charge of what stays and what goes, what is resold and what is converted into energy or landfill.

Electronic Scrap (E-Scrap) Recovery - A staple of the US recycling industry

Electronic scrap recovery is now one of the world`s fastest growing sources of valuable recyclable materials. E-Scrap or E-Waste and the whole Electronic Scrap Recovery industry sector is based almost solely on End-of-Life electronics and electronic devices that have been superseded and subsequently discarded often before they have outlived their usefulness.

Recovery of Resources from today`s waste rivals natural sources of non-renewal resource.

Municipal solid waste processing facilities have become a staple in every modern city of the world. Plastic packaging, paper, cardboard, glass, metals - both Iron and valuable non-ferrous metals, wood as well as streams of organic waste which can all be reused, recycled for profit, burnt for waste-to-energy or composted for landfill. Densely populated areas in every country generate enormous amounts of potentially valuable waste material that can be recovered through profitable environmentally friendly techniques.

STEINERT equipment is used extensively throughout the worlds recycling and Resource recovery facilities, once the bulk waste material has been broken down into mixed media product streams.

Plastics and Plastic Packaging recovery Plants, benefit from the efficiency and purity of product using STEINERT equipment.

Municipal solid waste facilities benefit from the breakdown, sorting and separation of end-of-life electronic waste components. As many valuable metals both magnetic and non-magnetic as well as plastics, paper and glass can be recovered in sufficient purity to justify recycling.

Once all the valuable metals minerals and materials have been extracted from the waste stream, the waste that is left becomes available for conversion of Waste into Energy. Efficient waste to energy processing requires a stream of clean combustible waste free from metal and glass.

After the waste has been consumed by incineration and the resultant energy harvested, the waste ash can be collected and mixed with water into slurry for further processing. These wet processes are often best served using magnetic separation techniques to collect any small remaining particles of metal. Wet Drum Magnetic processes are also incredibly useful for recovering very small metallic fraction from degreasing baths and sand used in metal die-casting and industrial manufacturing processes.

Premium sensor, sorting and separation equipment extracts Diamonds, Coal, Iron and Precious Gemstones from waste rock.

In mineral and resource rich countries, mining presents itself as the key to recovering mineral wealth.

Our sophisticated sensing and sorting solutions provide equipment to efficiently handle mining and mineral waste, from sorting, pre-concentration and magnetic separation solutions for bulk heavy media recovery down to sensing and separation of sand and fine grain fraction in waste product streams.

With wet and dry media recovery solutions available STEINERT have solutions to separate coal, iron ore, copper, tin, gold, tungsten, nickel, mineral sands, precious stones ( found in kimberlite), non ferrous metal ores, manganese ore, andalusite ore, aluminium and ferrochrome.

Magnetic Separation Equipment unsurpassed for efficient Coal Mining, Iron Ore and mineral extraction.

Sorting and pre-sorting for pre-concentration of industrial minerals in today`s mining, recycling and resource recovery applications is proving to increase efficiency in already existing operations and methods.

The Mining of Iron and Mineral ores are enhanced by magnetic separation equipment such as STIENERT`s well know and trusted Wet and Dry magnetic drum systems for extracting magnetic and weakly magnetic minerals from ore bearing rock.

Magnetic separation equipment is flexible in that it can be mounted above or below product streams and can be installed to a variety of conveyor working widths and speeds. It is durable in that there are very few moving parts and our clients have found them to be very reliable in that there are many STEINERT magnetic drums in both permanent and electro-magnetic bridges installed in many of the world`s busiest mining operations.

New developments see increases in value for Diamond mining and Precious Gemstone Mining Solutions

In diamond mining, large diamonds and other precious gemstones are the way to increase the value of diamond and precious gemstone mining operations.

Pre-sorting and pre-concentrating streams of waste rock can significantly increase the yield from mining digs, by preserving the size of large diamonds before secondary crushing decreases the value of the precious gemstones.

STEINERT recommend their latest triumph in diamond and precious gemstone sensor sorting and separation solutions the STEINERT XTS. Combining the best of their very successful range of optical and spatial scanners featuring the latest in Near Infra-Red camera technology STEINERT NIS and the extremely accurate X-Ray transmission equipment the STEINERT XSS .

The best of NIR and X-ray technology, combined in the STEINERT NTS to form the latest in secure diamond pre-sorting and pre-concentration equipment.

The STEINERT XTS is a fully sealed unit for the best in secure Diamond and Gemstone sensing, sorting and separation solutions, achieving stunning accuracy and a high degree of purity of product output.

Preserve the size and profitability of diamonds and gemstones by separating them from the product stream before secondary crushing processes reduce the value of your product stream.

Complete mining, mineral and resource recovery solutions that can be transported anywhere - Mobile Magnetic Wet Drum Separation equipment available in the United States.

When it comes to a mobile solution to resource recovery operation STEINERT have it covered where it counts, right on site.

All STEINERT magnetic separation solutions are available in wet drum magnetic separation solutions STEINERT WDS and dry drum separation solutions depending on the application required. Mobile Dry Drum Separation solutions and techniques using Magnetic Separation and Induction Current equipment.

STEINERT MOBILE can be packed into shipping containers and moved anywhere there is a level site where the resources are located. Optionally Self Powering electrical Generators allow you to have the most sophisticated sensor sorting and separation technology right on sight where it counts.

STEINERT Mobile Mining equipment solutions come in 3 x 40 foot shipping containers ready for assembly by our professionally trained support staff. Containing all the Conveyor feeds, Hopper Outlets, Compressed Air ejection units, Optional Self Powering power supplies, Air-conditioning and 1 meter Ore Sorting unit with 2 Sensor units.

STEINERT the name in Mobile Mining and Magnetic sorting solutions.

Efficiency Across Industries

The waste, scrap, recycling and mining industries all rely on STEINERT US to supply them with the latest magnetic and sensor-sorting technologies.  STEINERT offers sophisticated sorting solutions to boost the efficiency of your processes, increase purity and deliver revenue.  Whether you need one machine or a full solution, discover the possibilities that STEINERT has to offer. 

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