Mobile sorting and separation equipment for mobile recovery solutions in the United States.

Highly accurate sensor equipment utilising X-Ray sensors, Near Infra-Red (NIR), optical and 3D spatial camera and software solutions, STEINERT equipment can sort it and make your mining or resource recovery operation fully mobile and on the road.

STEINERT MOBILE can be packed into shipping containers and moved anywhere there is a level site where the resources are located.

Optionally Self Powering electrical Generators allow you to have the most sophisticated sensor sorting and separation technology right on sight where it counts.

Mobile mining and recovery equipment that you can take with you anywhere the resources are located.

STEINERT Mobile Mining equipment solutions come in 3 x 40 foot shipping containers ready for assembly by our professionally trained support staff. Mobile recovery units contain all the Conveyor feeds, Hopper Outlets, Compressed Air ejection units, Optional Self Powering power supplies, Air-conditioning and 1 metre Ore Sorting unit with 2 Sensor units.

Mobile Magnetic Wet Drum Separation equipment available in the United States.

All STEINERT sorting and separation solutions are available in mobile wet drum magnetic separation solutions and mobile dry drum separation solutions depending on the application required. Wet Drum magnetic separation equipment is used extensively for extracting fine grain fraction from slurry.

STEINERT Wet Drum Separation equipment is the expert solution for sorting and separation of magnetite and ferrosilicon fine grain fraction from waste streams. With a near 100% recovery rate STEINERT magnetic wet drum separators efficiently separate ferrous material while recovering tramp iron from slurry, gangue and waste streams.

Working down to very small grain fractions STEINERT WDS Wet Drum Magnetic Separators and the smaller STEINERT NTS working in concert with STIENERT HGF high gradient magnetic filters are trusted by professional engineers as an efficient and reliable solution to the recovery of Coal from Coal Wash plants.

Mobile Dry Drum Separation solutions and techniques using Magnetic Separation and Induction Current equipment.

For Dry Drum Separation, non-ferrous and non magnetic fractional materials are removed from waste product streams through combinations of Induction current and Eddy current separators, X-ray transmission techniques which see through the density of material, NIR and 3D spatial and optical camera technology.

Dry Drum Separation processes are used as primary heavy media sorting and separation for pre-concentration of mineral ore through magnetic separation techniques which remove iron and ferrous based material from gangue and waste rock streams.

Mobile Resource Recovery solutions for the United States

With the best that todays technology has to offer regarding magnetic separation, eddy current and induction current sorting and separation solutions. Highly accurate sensor equipment utilising X-Ray sensors, Near Infra-Red (NIR), optical and 3D spatial camera and software solutions, STEINERT equipment can sort it and make your mobile mining or resource recovery operation profitable.

Sort increasingly fine grain metal product down to very fine grain and metallic sand as the STEINERT CoarseMaster and STEINERT FinesMaster combine magnetic separation with induction current and eddy current separation in one single unit. STEINERT flexibility allows the customer to fine tune the equipments eccentric pole system to recover valuable minerals and precious ores from any shredder or crusher waste streams.

STEINERT resource recovery and sensor sorting solutions prove second to none when it comes to separating very pure product from waste streams. STEINERT equipment is renowned for it’s durability, high capacity and high yield.

Mobile Mining Operation Equipment and Solutions that can be transported anywhere

For mobile Mining and Sorting solutions that need to be located in remote areas you really can’t do better than STEINERT Mobile Mining Solutions.

Customers can select which sensor units are most appropriate to their product stream. Select from STEINERT’s sophisticated range of Magnetic Separators, X-Ray sensors, Induction and Eddy Current Sorting, Dry Media Separators as well as Near Infra-Red camera technology. The Sensor units are complete and can be combined to match the expected product stream.

STEINERT sensor sorting and separation solutions present an unparalleled solution to your mining operation requirements.
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STEINERT Dry Media Separation Plant

Revolutionary Dry Media Separation Technology

Major aluminum sheet producers are calling for 70% or more recycled content utilization by 2020. Are you ready to meet these product quality standards?

Extract higher quality materials and generate more revenue by recovering red metals, gray metals and aluminum from Zorba with the revolutionary STEINERT Dry Media Separation Plant.

Separate more commodities in ONE process versus the old-fashioned way, heavy media systems that take up a lot of space and are expensive to operate.


  • Increase metals revenue from existing feedstock
  • Expand current product offerings to marketplace
  • Quickly adapt to changing markets and sorting tasks
  • Increase domestic market sales


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