Gemstone Mining

Reduce Energy Costs and Improve Downstream Processes

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Kimberlite ore material tends to be more contaminated with barren waste rock, and STEINERT makes it easy to implement cost-effective waste rock sorting to improve diamond recovery and prevent damage you find with traditional sorting processes.

The STEINERT NIS with both NIR and HSI (hyper-spectral imaging) technology removes the need for expensive density separation in the pre-concentration process, reducing energy costs and wear on overall equipment.  Followed by the STEINERT XSS-T sorter, the STEINERT system recovers diamonds before the next crushing stage which could potentially damage the material. 

For rough-diamond final recovery, the STEINERT XTS processes even the smallest gemstone material with high recovery rates.  With its high throughput rates, the XTS provides a hands-off solution with the strict security standards required in gemstone recovery systems.

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