Scrap Metal, Electronic Waste, Construction and Demolition waste and scrap contain many valuable minerals and materials with a high value when converted into recycled product.

Scrap Metal recovery and scrap metal salvage equipment available in the United States.

All metals, paper, wood, glass, mineral and plastics can be sensed, detected, sorted and separated from heavily mixed media product streams.

STEINERT employ the most sophisticated yet reliable sensor, sorting and separation techniques to bring wealth from waste.

Sort and Separate Auto Shredder Residue and recover Scrap Metal with state-of-the-art Scrap Metal Salvage Equipment from STEINERT

Scrap Metal recovery from Auto Shredder residue feeds is now more profitable than ever before with STEINERT Magnetic separation, Induction Current and Eddy Current Separators.

Boost the profit from your auto shredder residue salvage operation or scrap metal recovery facility, choose from our array of sensor sorting equipment incorporating combinations of sophisticated X-Ray, Near Infra-Red NIR, Optical Camera for sensing colour and 3D Hyper Spatial imaging technology.

Scrap Metal and Auto Shredder Residue from the Auto Shredder conveyor feeds the STEINERT MT overhead suspension Magnets separate any Iron or Ferrous based components. Aluminium, Copper, Stainless steel and platinum are recovered using STEINERT ISS and STEINERT Fines ISS Induction current separators and STEINERT NES Eddy Current separators.

Combine these sophisticated separators with STEINERT XSS X-Ray sensing and sorting solutions in the STEINERT KSS . With STEINERT FinesMaster and STEINERT SteelMaster and you can separate and recover any iron or non-ferrous metallic elements such as stainless steel and aluminium from the product stream.

With a full suite of STEINERT sensing, sorting and magnetic separation equipment you can recover any Ferrous or non-ferrous metal, Glass, Plastic and derive profit from valuable Auto Shredder fraction.

Profitable recyclable materials recovered from Construction & Demolition Waste

Demolition and construction waste is one of the most heavy mixed media product streams in the recycling industry. STEINERT technology can efficiently sort and separate iron, copper, aluminium, glass, metals, wood, plastic or paper from construction and demolition waste.STEINERT’s efficient sensor, sorting and magnetic separation solutions protect your downstream processing equipment by removing harmful heavy media tramp iron from the product stream, preserving the value of the product as well as downstream equipment.

STEINERT Suspension Magnets remove iron and ferrous materials from the conveyor feeds such as fixings and rebar.

STEINERT ISS Induction sensor sorting, STEINERT NES Eddy Current Separators and STEINERT NES 4T Fine particle separators, remove non-ferrous components from the product stream such as aluminium, stainless steel, tin and copper wiring from coarse flake down to increasingly fine fraction while sorting to a high rate of purity.

STEINERT XSS : Using X-ray transmission and fluorescence recognises organic materials in a mixed media product stream making extraction possible and increasing the value of the product stream.

Valuable mineral and metal resources hidden in Electronic Scrap !

Electronic scrap recovery is now one of the worlds fastest growing sources of valuable recyclable materials. E-Scrap or E-Waste and the whole Electronic Scrap Recovery industry sector is based almost solely on End-of-Life electronics and electronic devices that have been superseded and subsequently discarded often before they have outlived their usefulness.

Many end-of-cycle electronics contain valuable materials such as copper, aluminium, stainless steel, gold, silver and platinum. STEINERT famously combine sorting and separation methods and technology to reach unparalleled levels of accuracy in sensor sorting and purity of mixed product streams.

STEINERT SteelMaster expertly recovers copper and copper meatballs from ferrous laden product streams typical of electronic strap recovery operations.

Utilising their revolutionary and adjustable operator controlled eccentric pole system of induction current and eddy current electromagnetic separation solutions. UniSort CanMaster is specially designed to sense, sort and recover coarse grain aluminium from electronic waste product streams.

STEINERT combine the best of magnetic separation for ferrous components with induction and eddy current separators for non-ferrous fraction of waste feeds. STEINERT FinesMaster is expert when it comes to sorting fine grain metal particulate from electronic waste streams.

STEINERT for Scrap Metal Recovery Efficiency.
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Auto Shredder Residue (ASR)

Auto Shredder Residue (ASR) recycling processes are becoming more sophisticated, demanding and complex, and STEINERT US is there to help you recover more.  With the need to recycle different types of materials including iron, plastic, non-ferrous and glass, STEINERT offers a wide selection of equipment to manage feed quickly and efficiently.  STEINERT machines recover clean, low-copper steel, non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, and separation of stainless steel without contaminants.

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